The graceful lotus flowers linger in Hanoi late summer
tranthuy02 3-09-2020, 23:27

Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE

Photographer Nguyen Ha Phu in Thanh Tri District, Hanoi City, is a lotus lover. Every summer, he frequently goes to several gardens and lagoons in Hanoi and neighboring provinces to take photographs of the national flower in different stages.

lotus flowers
evoke the tranquility, he said. As the latest summer winds down, Phu visited a lotus research center in Gia Lam District on Hanoi’s outskirts to make an album titled “Sac Sen Cuoi Ha” (The Shades of Lotus at the End of Summer). There are over 100 species of lotuses blooming at the center at 234 Ngo Xuan Quang Street.

Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE

Le Tien Hiep, the owner of the lotus research center, said:
“We are planting and conserving many precious lotus species from Vietnam and the world – from the southern province of Dong Thap and Saigon’s Cu Chi District, the central town of Hue, the northern province of Bac Ninh, Hanoi’s West Lake and other species from other Asian countries, Australia and America.”
The destination allures many tourists and photographers annually, he added.

A white lotus flower in full bloom sheltered by green leaves glorious under the summer sunshine.

Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE

The petals of this lotus flower carry a pink tinge at their top edges and a yellow shading at their bottom.

Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE

Another lotus flower with pink and yellow-tinged buds is about to bloom. Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE
A “thousand-petal lotus” boasts different shades of pink. Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE
A dark pink lotus flower blooms alongside several buds. Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE

The lotus season often starts late May and lasts until early September, depending on each region. They are at their best gorgeousness in June and September.

The “Twin lotus” with two blooms on one stem at the Ninh Xa pond in Thuong Tin District, the outskirt of Hanoi. Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE
Lotus flowers are simple but freshly fragrant captivating any tourists Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE
Two white lotuses on one pedicel, symbolizing love and loyalty. Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE
A white lotus becomes more charming after a summer shower. Photos: Nguyen Ha Phu/via VNE

The lotus is considered as the symbol of Buddhism and the national flower of Vietnam. Its significances in Buddhism are intelligence, mercifulness, virtue, and purity.

Photo: Phapluat

The lotus can be used to brew tea. The lotus tea is one traditional kind of drink of Vietnamese in general and Hanoians in particular.