First transgender Vietnamese man reveals story on giving birth
daitranvan 17-08-2020, 12:59
First transgender Vietnamese man reveals story on giving birth
Minh Khang is the first transgender man in Vietnam to give birth to his own baby

As a husband Minh Khang was born a female, while his wife Minh Anh was born a male, with the pair deciding to have a baby upon getting married.

Prior to this decision, Khang had received male hormone injections for the previous three years, and his wife had been undergone female hormone treatment for a few months.

The pair also underwent a series of surgeries and used anesthetics and antibiotics, a factor which made them worry about their chances of becoming pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Due to their desire to have a baby, Khang made the decision to halt hormone therapy in order to restart menstruation. He therefore followed advice provided by obstetricians on how to undergo a well-balanced pre-pregnancy diet in the hope of getting pregnant.

Upon being asked about why he decided to have a baby, Khang said that he loved children and was keen to fulfill his wife’s wishes.

Most notably, Khang discovered that he got pregnant only two weeks after stopping hormone therapy.

Fortunately for the couple, after undergoing a period of testing and screening at Tu Du Hospital, one of the country’s leading obstetric and gynecological hospitals, the results indicated that the baby was normal and would be born without any birth defects.

Throughout his pregnancy, Khang remained in stable health condition and was still able to go to work or participate in LGBT-related activities. At five months pregnant, his colleagues even did not know that he would be an expecting father.

During his labour, there were 15 doctors present to help Khang experience a vaginal birth instead of a C-section as expected. The healthy baby, three months old, is currently a child model for a spa for pregnant women and kids.