Soldiers, civilians turn full time cooks to feed the quarantined
duonghanhnguyen 9-08-2020, 11:03

45 soldiers and dozens of volunteers in the central province’s Phu Vang District have been spending most of their time in recent days cooking for 888 people at a quarantine facility, helping people through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most people quarantined in the facility, located at the dormitory complex of a college in Phu Vang, are from neighboring Da Nang City and those returning from overseas.

Da Nang is now the country’s Covid-19 epicenter with 243 active case. Since July 25, the country has recorded 355 domestic cases in 13 localities, all linked to the city, a top tourist attraction.

Soldiers, civilians turn full time cooks to feed the quarantined

Joining the soldiers on their culinary expedition are 30 women in the same district who have volunteered to serve so that the quarantined people can enjoy tasty, wholesome meals and feel safe in their isolation facility.

Outside heat and kitchen heat combine to make people sweat profusely.

Two soldiers and a volunteer transfer cooked vegetables into a container to be transported to another room where they are divided into individual portions.

A meal contains stewed fish, chicken or pork, stir-fried bamboo shoots, soup and yogurt. Children and the elders can opt for porridge.

For three meals a day, the government provides VND80,000 ($3.4) per person.

The youth in Phu Vang District have also come forward to help, given the large amount of work involved. Everyone is required to wear masks.

Lunches are packed at around 10 a.m. and boxes are numbered to ensure every inmate receives her/his portion.

Soldiers put four boxes in each plastic bag and carry them to the door of each building at around 11 a.m.

Each room will send a representative down to collect the food.

Over 27,000 people are being quarantined in facilities like this across Vietnam, where the total number of Covid-19 cases have reached 812. Of these 395 have recovered and 10 have died.