Glass noodles a specialty of the mountains
duonghanhnguyen 14-05-2022, 08:41


Glass noodles a specialty of the mountains

Phia Đen Hamlet in Thanh Cong Commune in the northern province of Cao Bằng is home to green fields of canna, whose roots are the main ingredient of glass noodles.

Canna is grown in Phia Đen Mountain, lying 1,000m above sea level, from January to February in the lunar calendar and harvested in October and November.

Phia Đen glass noodles are renowned nationwide thanks to their delicious taste and smooth texture, which are created using traditional methods and favourable weather conditions.

The glass noodles are white, the natural colours of the canna starch mixture without the use of any bleaching or colourants.

According to locals, the shimmering look of glass noodles depends on the purity of ingredients, mixing process and drying technique.

Glass noodle soup is often cooked with chicken, mushrooms and fresh onion, and has become a traditional dish with the distinctive taste of the region. A bowl of this healthy soup is often placed on the table to worship ancestors during special occasions like holidays, New Year, weddings or death anniversaries. It is also a popular dish for visitors to Phia Đen Mountain. VNS