Ghenh Rang – A largely undiscovered gem of Quy Nhon
admin 14-07-2020, 15:39

Ghenh Rang – A largely undiscovered gem of Quy Nhon
Xep beach in Ghenh Rang from bird’s eyes

Ghenh Rang is famous with Hoang Hau beach and Han Mac Tu tomb, which was voted as one of the 5 most beautiful beaches in southern Vietnam by National Geographic

Earlier, CNN also praised and commented that Quy Nhon City is a place “with everything a tourist desires” such as 5-star resort, pristine beach, beautiful scenery, local cuisine, featured, diverse. It’s a culturally rich destination in its own right. It boasts miles of coastline, fresh cuisine reliant on its seaside location and a handful of accommodations priced for all tastes and budgets

Queen beach in sun rise
Queen beach
Xep beach from above
A fisherman in the hidden bay in Ghenh Rang. Photo: Marissa Carruthers

Fresh fish at a rural market. Photo: Alamy

Han Mac Tu tomb