Vietnamese Robusta coffee securing world records and global recognition
hanguyen0409 25-12-2021, 09:07
Vietnamese Robusta coffee securing world records and global recognition

Vietnam’s coffee industry received some good news recently, with its Robusta coffee securing world records and global recognition.

“This can be considered the most special event of Vietnam’s coffee industry. The recognition is an asset of the country and the Vietnamese people.”, said an exporter.

Robusta coffee has brought Vietnam’s coffee industry three world records:

  • the country that produces and exports the most Robusta coffee to the world in terms of output and productivity;
  • the country possessing a coffee-making culture with heritage values in unique and typical barista art; and
  • the country that is the best at mixing;and enjoying Vietnamese coffee in diverse, creative and unique ways.

Experts have said that this recognition marks an important milestone for the value and output of Vietnamese pure coffee.

Coffee is one of Vietnam’s key export items and its second-largest agricultural export in terms of turnover. The coffee industry therefore plays a huge role in the country’s economy.

Although Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world, and many in the Vietnamese community enjoy the coffee drinking experience, Vietnamese coffee—iced coffee in particular—is not known for its ubiquity. This is because of a slight stigma that surrounds Vietnamese coffee beans.

“In general, Vietnam is still not known as a place that can produce high-quality coffee,” a coffee shop owner told Vietnam Insider.

Vietnamese coffee can now be found in more than 120 countries and territories, with Robusta representing over 90 percent of its coffee planting area, according to Vietnam News.

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