VNPA encourages publishers to issue more business books
duonghanhnguyen 15-12-2021, 13:39
VNPA encourages publishers to issue more business books

HCM CITY –  The Viet Nam Publishers’ Association (VNPA) has encouraged local publishers and book companies to release and promote more business books among entrepreneurs and employees.

Le Hoang, deputy director of VNPA, said: “It’s necessary to boost business book publishing in Viet Nam.”

Trần Hoang, Editor-in-Chief of the Saigon Entrepreneur Magazine, said: “Books are an important tool to increase the competency and competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises. They also improve people’s knowledge and skills and develop critical thinking.”

He encouraged Vietnamese entrepreneurs to write books on their experiences, and promote reading culture among entrepreneurs and employees.

Hoang, who is head of the management board of the “Entrepreneur and Book Week 2021”, said: “Every good book written by entrepreneurs will become valuable knowledge for readers.”

During the event organised early this month in HCM City, the magazine and VNPA announced the 100 must-read business books selected from 212 titles nominated by 23 publishing houses and book companies.

They feature topics such as leadership, management, self-development, marketing and start-ups written by local and international authors, including Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Hoang of VNPA said: “We expect the top 100 business books will be released soon.”

“In addition, we have a plan to introduce and promote quality business books. We need cooperation from publishers and book companies to bring these books to entrepreneurs and employees,” he said.

VNPA has worked with local publishers and book companies to seek ways to promote more good books among businesses.

Speaking at a seminar on reading culture in businesses held on December 3, Nguyễn Anh Dũng, director of the Sbooks Joint Stock Company, said his company planned to build bookshelves at local businesses as a way to introduce quality books from his company and other publishers and book companies.

“Our bookshelves will focus on titles from the top 100 must-read business books. We will work with VNPA and other book companies to discover more good business books to add to the bookshelves,” he added.

Đinh Ha Duy Linh, Chief Executive Officer of the HPT Informatics Technology Service Joint Stock Company, said: “As a business leader, I appreciate VNPA and local publishers and book companies’ efforts in building bookshelves for businesses.

Linh said: “Running a business means communication through memos, documents and reports. So reading is important in the workplace.”

He said that the top 100 must-read business books feature a wide range of topics from the economy and business management to philosophy and religion.

“Reading helps both entrepreneurs and employees to improve and easily adapt to new environments,” Linh said.  — VNS