Let’s find the champions in the final of “I Spell 2021: Worderous”
sonnguyen 22-11-2021, 09:54

After nearly 2 months of seeking enthusiastic young people with creativity in the use of language, the journey of I SPELL 2021 has come to the last round to find the champions of this season. The door to the final has opened and we are ready to witness the competition of the top 8 best contestants.

Coming to the final round, the challenges are not just about spelling or vocabulary anymore, but they have developed into the tough stages which require the flexible application of English skills, memory ability, calmness and concentration. Moreover, in order to be fully engaged in the spirit of “Strengthen your world by your words,” the contestants will have the chance to use English to present their perspectives and participate in heated and dramatic debates.

This will be the place for the candidates to utilize all the skills acquired during the last 3 rounds to complete the stages in the final one. Let’s wait for I SPELL 2021 Final to watch the exciting competition and cheer for your favorite contestants!

Detailed information about the final round:

Participants: Top 8 best contestants selected from the semi-final round.
Time: 6:00 pm, November 25, 2021.
Platform: Held via the online platform – Zoom.

Information for viewers
  • Participants: All students in HCMC.
  • Time: 6:00 pm, November 25, 2021.
  • Place: Livestream on Fanpage I SPELL English Contest.
  • Form of participation: Watching live on Fanpage.
Benefits of participating in i spell 2021 final: Worderous
  • Having the opportunity to watch the exciting competition of the top 8 best contestants.
  • Being updated with student ID for UEH students when you follow until the end and complete all the requirements in the form given.
Stages of competition

Stage 1. Open the windows: Candidates link the clues given to find the correct keyword
Stage 2. Open sesame: Challenging the candidates’ English listening comprehension and memory ability.
Stage 3. Raise your voice: Challenging the candidates’ presentation and debating skills in English.


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