Sound installation features VN, German artists
daitranvan 12-11-2021, 21:13
Sound installation features VN, German artists

HCM CITY —  San Art is presenting a new sound installation project undertaken by Vietnamese artist Nguyễn Hồng Nhung and German artist Zach Sch that explores the relationships between archival materials and sound art.

The project, “Hồi Sóng”, includes century-old and multinational sound recordings from the Humboldt University of Berlin sound archive and sound pieces created by the two artists.

The ongoing project explores non-objective histories of African people, mostly from Algeria, Egypt and Mali, and Indochinese people including Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia, through oral narratives like stories, songs and interview snippets.

Ha Noi-based Nhung has experimented with a range of expressions of sound. She launched her own project called 'Sound Awakener' in 2014 for more cinematic, piano-driven projects.

She has worked with international labels such as Time Released Sound and Unknown Tones Records in the US, Flaming Pines and Fluid Audio in the UK, and Syrphe in Germany.

She has collaborated with several artists in visual and sound projects and exhibitions, and has worked on music compositions for short films and video art.

Apart from his work of exploring new dynamics in compositional structure and sound design, Zach Sch is a member of Rắn Cạp Đuoi Collective and Mona Evie, two sound-based multi-media projects in which he works in production and engineering.

He is working on a project to reclaim the Đong Sơn drum, a bronze drum of the Đong Sơn culture dating back to the peak of the Bronze Age and early Iron Age (from 400BC to AD300), through digital technologies.

His work has been featured in galleries and programmes in Viet Nam, Japan, Germany and the US.

The “Hồi Sóng” project can be seen at website The physical exhibition of the project will be held at San Art in HCM City soon. — VNS