50 artists perform in MV praising Buddhism
thamnguyen99 9-11-2021, 09:55


50 artists perform in MV praising Buddhism

HCM CITY — Fifty singers and theatre performers in HCM City appear in a special video music (MV) on YouTube praising Buddhism, life and people. 

The MV, called Phật Giao Viet Nam (Vietnamese Buddhism), celebrates the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Viet Nam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) on November 7, 1981.

It is produced and released by the VBS’s Information and Communication Commission in HCM City. 

The video’s theme song, Phật Giao Viet Nam, features the spirit of Buddhism, its role and contributions to the country during the religion’s 2,000-year history in Viet Nam. 

The composer of the song is celebrated artist Le Cao Phan. 

It features famous singers such as pop star Cẩm Ly, Nguyễn Phi Hung and Võ Hạ Tram. 

“Our MV, Phật Giao Viet Nam, also contains messages about life, belief, people and love,” said the Most Venerable Thích Tam Hải, head of the VBS’s Information and Communication Commission in HCM City. 

Buddhism is a religion accompanying the nation. The achievements of Vietnamese Buddhism and the VBS play a role in strengthening national unity and solidarity among religions, optimising the strength of beliefs and religions as well as culture for national development. 

The VBS has nearly 55,000 monks and nuns, 18,000 places of worship and 50 million adherents and supporters.

The VBS has hosted the UN Day of Vesak three times. 

Viet Nam is home to diverse religions with more than 90 per cent of the population following a belief or a religion with 24 million religious followers, accounting for 27 per cent of the country’s population. — VNS