“Do not cancel the grocery order with the military or you will be punished”
tranthuy02 7-09-2021, 07:09

The Minister of Public Security will penalize people cancelling orders for foods and other essential products they place with troops and volunteers who pool them to buy amid the total lockdown in many localities as per the instruction from Vietnam’s Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

Military and police personnel and volunteers buy and deliver foods and other stuff since people are prohibited from leaving home. But in some places there have been cases of people cancelling orders, causing difficulties to the troops and volunteers and angering the public, the Government Office reported.

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According to a report by Vietnam News, many localities have complained about people not accepting delivery or cancelling orders, turning off their phones when military and volunteers try to contact them to deliver goods, and saying they just wanted to check if it actually worked. This has even been reported in the media.

Soldiers buy goods to support people in social distancing in HCMC. Photo: VNExpress

From from August 23, in order to ensure the efficiency of social distancing in largest city as well as the Covid-19 hotspot of Vietnam, the military and police personnel have helped community-based pandemic prevention groups and volunteers shop and deliver food to people once a week.

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Everyone can register and pay for their food through support teams at their residential zones. Needy and COVID-affected people will receive food and other essential goods.

The statistics showed, the population of HCMC is nearly 9.4 million, and the average daily consumption is 10,964 tonnes of rice, meat, fruits, vegetables, and processed foods, Vietnam News reported.

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