Vietnam’s northern region forecasted to face severe cold weather quite early this winter
hanguyen0409 31-08-2021, 07:23
Vietnam’s northern region forecasted to face severe cold weather quite early this winter

Vietnam forecasted to see severe cold weather early this year, National Centre for Hydrometeorology Forecasting reported.

According to the National Centre for Hydrometeorology Forecasting, from now to the year-end, around 7-9 storms would occur on the East Sea with 3-4 to directly affecting the Vietnamese mainland. 

Heavy rains would mostly happen between October and the first two weeks of December in central and southern central localities.

The cold weather would start appearing from late September and early October. The northern region of Vietnam has been predicted to have severe cold weather from mid-December, earlier than usual. This weather will end in February next year. Meanwhile, the rainy season would end quite late.

The average temperature of the country between September and October this year and January and February 2022 would be 0.5-1 degree centigrade higher than that of many previous years.

The average temperature of this year is forecasted to be lower than that of last year.

Rivers in the central and Central Highlands regions would face the flood peak from September and October. Flash floods and landslides would also happen in the regions during this time. The flood peak on the Mekong River would be in mid-October. Some low or riverside areas in Can Tho and Vinh Long would be flooded.

The National Centre for Hydrometeorology Forecasting reported that between October and December, coastal areas in the southern region would see three high flood tides.

If you are snow hunters, Nhiu Co San Village in northern Vietnam, connecting Sa Pa and Y Ty, famed trekking hotspots, is touted as a must-visit destination by seasoned travelers.

For many years now, Sa Pa, a famous tourist town at a height of 1,500 meters above sea level, has gained popularity as an ideal snow-watching spot while Y Ty is loved for its oceans of clouds. Few people know about Nhiu Co San Village, home to ethnic Ha Nhi, at the foot of the eponymous mountain in Bat Xat District of Lao Cai Province.

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