Heartwarming Drawings of Saigon in Lockdown Days Raises Funds For Poor Workers
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Tang Quang and his friends created an art album of Saigon’s life during lockdown days. Their work has raised funds to help poor those that are financially suffering from the pandemic.

From the end of May, Saigon went into lockdown, and it has been greatly affecting people’s life. Nguyen Tang Quang said he no longer saw the flood of citizens moving on the streets, the bustling sounds of cars driving, or the familiar look of street vendors.

Heartwarming Drawings of Saigon in Lockdown Days Raises Funds For Poor Workers

Citizens in Saigon stay at home to support doctors and nurses fighting Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: Tang Quang

“The image of workers on the streets has make an iconic Saigon in our heart. They work silently and contribute their effort to the development of the city. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Saigon becomes much quieter without them. We hope these drawings will help lifting everyone’s spirit up and give people strength in these hard times”, the young architectural said.

After sharing his idea, many people wanted to help Quang, and they formed a team. Other children, international students, and people from all around Vietnam joined in with the art project. They drew Saigon in their own ways.

Old man in a wheel receives food from the volunteers. Photo: Ngoc Thanh

The drawings will be given to non-profit organization that helped people during Covid-19 lockdown time as a gift of gratitude. They also sold printed notebooks to raise funds in order to support the fight against the pandemic.

Ngoc Thanh, 31 years old, said she immediately signed up as a part of the project after hearing about it. “I drew Saigon with all my heart, the beloved home that I have been living in for more than 10 years,” Thanh said.

Ngoc Thanh’s works included 11 drawings. She recreated the heartwarming pictures, stories that were shared on social media and articles into beautiful paintings.

Portraits of workers. Photo: Huynh Trong

One time, Thanh saw a picture taken of a group of volunteers gave the lunch for poor people and unemployed workers. The image of an old man sitting on a wheelchair, wearing an old, ragged shirt made Thanh emotional, and she decided to draw it.

“It warms my heart knowing there are young people out there, who are risking everything to help people in needs. And I am also worried for those workers whose lives have been deeply affected by the pandemic. How will their life be?,” Ngoc Thanh said.

Participating in the project with more than 10 paintings, Ngo Huynh Trong drew portraits of several workers in Saigon. The young interior designer hoped that his drawings will create positive energy, working together to overcome the pandemic.

Photo: Tang Quang

Drawings of famous architecture in Saigon. Photo: Tang Quang

Photo: Kim Anh Le - Thao Ngoc

Photo: Tien Buj

Photo: Tien Buj

Photo: Tien Buj - Minh Khang.

The image of a military woman feeding a disabled old woman have been a familiar scene for Saigon people in the past two years. Photo: Ngoc Thanh
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