Intense heat wave hits northern and central regions
duonghanhnguyen 18-06-2021, 20:01
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The northern and central regions of Vietnam are witnessing extremely hot weather with the highest temperature of even more than 40 degrees centigrade.

According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, the weather would happen in northern and central localities on June 18-21 with the highest temperature of between 37 and 40 degrees centigrade. Some areas would have temperatures of more than 40 degrees centigrade.

Hanoi has been forecasted to see the highest temperature of 30-40 degrees centigrade during these days with the humidity of only 40-55%. Meanwhile, the city would experience high temperatures for 10-19 hours a day.

From June 22, the heatwave will end in the northern region on June 22 and ease in the central region.

Warnings of fire have been raised during the blazing hot weather, particularly in areas with the high demand for electricity use and forest fires in the central region.

Health experts recommend people wear protective clothing, including long-sleeved shirts, collared jackets, trousers, and wide hats to cover their face, neck and ears.

People should wear sunglasses with UV protection.

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