Vietnamese herbal tea brand proves healthy option
duonghanhnguyen 18-06-2021, 10:22

Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea uses a combination of nine different herbs, with tests showing remarkable health benefits.

Vietnamese herbal tea brand proves healthy option

Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea is a combination of nine different herbs. (Photo: Thanh Tra)

The brand uses nine precious herbs treasured in folklore for their ability to cool and purify the body. Thanks to these advantages, Dr. Thanh Herbal tea has been wildly popular among consumers for its purported health benefits.

Dr. Thanh Herbal teas are one of the continuous successes of Tan Hiep Phat Group's products series such as Number One, Zero Degree Green Tea. Dr. Thanh was launched after only 45 days of research and production using advanced technology.

Research led by Nguyen Van Minh (Vietnam Military Medical Academy) said that "Dr. Thanh shows high safety when testing on animals by giving them the highest possible dose of product in liquid form, and when experimenting on volunteers by letting them drink the final products daily."

According to the research, the tea shows a good antioxidant capacity and positive effects in improving liver function and general health.

Photo: Dr. Thanh

The use of Dr. Thanh tea extract in mice for 14 days showed an increase in the antioxidant index and a significant decrease in the MDA index. Volunteers exposed to chemicals had lower MDA concentrations, higher GSH concentrations, and beneficial SOD activity changes after six weeks of using the tea.

The tea is the pride of Tan Hiep Phat and the whole beverage industry, as it is a unique Vietnamese brand currently serving a wide range of customers.

Due to customer demand, the Tan Hiep Phat Group has become a widely-trusted leader in Vietnam's health beverage market.

Preservative-free, like other Tan Hiep Phat products, the tea has been a huge hit amongst consumers since its launch.

Tan Hiep Phat has also listed among the Vietnamese enterprises that best perform its commitment to customers. Because beverage products can be kept on the market for 12 months, Tan Hiep Phat regularly visits and supervises agents on their goods preservation and transportation. Any shipment or product showing signs of damage will be taken back and new ones sent out.

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