Two people found dead in house fire in Ho Chi Minh City
sonnguyen 31-05-2021, 20:31
Two people found dead in house fire in Ho Chi Minh City
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Two people in a family were confirmed dead after a house in downtown Ho Chi Minh City was engulfed in a conflagration on Monday.

Police of Ho Chi Minh City rescued and hospitalized four individuals from the conflagration on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street in District 3 in the early hours of Monday, but two victims did not pull through, a source said.

By Monday morning, district police had cordoned off the fire scene for inspection.

The fatalities were identified to be N.H.V., 73, and N.V.D.N., 32, while the survivors, T.K.C., 34, and N.V.T.T., 4, are still receiving treatment at a hospital, a ward official in District 3 confirmed in an interview with Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.

The fire is said to transpire at around 3:15 am on Monday and quickly engulfed the house on the street, trapping the four family members inside.

The fire brigade of Ho Chi Minh City was promptly mobilized to the scene, but their rescuing progress was hindered by the rolling door blocking the way.

They had to resort to a technical force to tear down the door, plus two specialized ladders to save the victims.

The fire brigade managed to put out the conflagration shortly after.

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