Beautiful Vietnam in the series of aerial photography winning international award
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Several photography works of Vietnamese photographers have won annual 35AWARDS International Photography Contest, featuring beautiful and colorful Vietnam with viewers all over the world.

“Water-chestnuts harvesting” Photo: Pham Huy Trung

Pham Huy Trung’s photography “Water-chestnuts harvesting” helped him gain his winner award in aerial photography (drone category) and 2020 35AWARDS international photography contest, which was announced in May 15.

Pham Huy Trung said the picture was taken near Truong Giang River, Binh Hai Commune, Quang Nam Province. In 2018 – 2019, he also won at the 35AWARDS International photography contest. This famous photographer takes his most beautiful shots using his drones, capturing the best moments of nature and people across the country.

His photography, “Passing the sand dunes” taken in Ninh Thuan Province is in the top pictures that won Viewer’s Choice Awards, and “Through the field” is in the top 100 best drone photos of 2020.

"Morning Catch" Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Thien

Winning the second prize of drone category is “Catching fish in the morning” of photographer Nguyen Ngoc Thien (HCMC) capturing a fishing boat pulling nets during the anchovy fishing season at Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen. His other work, “The dancing of the nets” taken in Hon Yen, Phu Yen, is one of top 100 best drone photos.

From May to August every year, Phu Yen will be crowded and bustling with boats in the fishing season. The “dance” of the vast nets floats in water, drifting into a multitude of shapes. Surely, an interesting subject for a photographer to explore.

“Sunset on Ban Gioc Waterfall” Photo: Vu Phi Long

In top 100 best drone photos, there is 21 works of 14 Vietnamese photographers, showing the diverse beauty of landscapes, villages and humans all over the country, in which “Sunset on Ban Gioc Waterfall” of photographer Vu Phi Long (Son La) impresses a lot of people.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive natural sights. Located in the northeastern province of Cao Bang, the falls are 30 metres high and 300 metres across, making Ban Gioc the widest (but not the highest) waterfall in the country.

“Golden rice season” of photographer Vu Ngoc Tuan (Hanoi) captures the winding, gorgeous rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai. His other work, “Flower nets” with a fishing boat casting nest off Phu Yen Province coast is one of top 100 drone photos. Photo: Vu Ngoc Tuan

The work “The Chorus of the Sea” of Nguyen Thanh Hai (Ha Tinh) captures the process of casting fishing nets on Loc Ha Coast, Ha Tinh. Photo: Nguyen Thanh Hai

Young photographer Ha Vu Linh with the work “Sunset on water-chestnuts field” in Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.Photo: Ha Vu Linh

"Patching nets" Photo: Nguyen Tan Tuan

Photographer Nguyen Tan Tuan (HCMC) with his work "Patching nets" taken at Hon Ro Port, Phuoc Dong Commune, about 7km from Nha Trang City (Khanh Hoa).

The anchovy season is between the second and eighth lunar months (March-September on the Gregorian calendar this year). If you visit the port early in the morning, you can see fishermen throwing nets to catch fish near shore.

Once the boat is anchored, the fishermen hang the net now with many anchovies after their fishing mission on the side of the embankment of a dam. They proceed to use a long stick with plastic foam attached on one end and repeatedly hit the net so that the anchovy slide down the net placed underneath.

35AWARDS — a major international award created in 2015 by the creators of the professional photo community In the first year, 36 thousand people from 110 countries took part in it. In 2016, more than 76 thousand. Every year count of participants increases. In 2017, more than 103 thousand people from 160 countries took part in the competition. More than 257 thousand photos were submitted for the competition.

The objectives of the award include the search for the best 100 works of the year in various categories. And since 2017 the definition of 100 best photographers of the year based on the 3 best works.

All photos are estimated anonymously, therefore regalia, merits and popularity of photographers absolutely do not influence the result. This is an excellent chance for beginning photographers to make themselves known and show the whole world their truly worthy work. It is also the best opportunity for professionals to once again confirm their status quo. Unprejudiced and multi-stage assessment will not miss the most interesting shots and find better among them, identifying the 100 most worthy.

Rights to photos belong to their authors only. By participating in the competition the authors give their consent 35AWARDS administration free to use them for the purpose of promoting competition in the various media, print albums, books with the works of the finalists and winners, as well as for the production of works in the exhibition and sale. Use the finalists in the future for special events dedicated to the popularization of the competition.

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