Vietnam expands Covid-19 vaccination
tranthuy02 24-04-2021, 20:27
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Nearly 47,000 people in Vietnam were vaccinated against Covid-19 on Friday, the record high daily figure for the country so far.

According to the Ministry of Health, to date, 176,037 people in Vietnam have been provided with Covid-19 vaccine, including up to 46,937 people in 26 cities and provinces on Friday alone.

The people are medical staff who are directly involved in Covid-19 prevention and control activities and people working in defence and security.

The Ministry of Health has issued a decision to guide the diagnosis and treatment of thrombocytopenia and coagulation after the Covid-19 vaccination. However, thrombocytopenia is a rare phenomenon and it is often found among women under 60.

Coagulation symptoms usually occur between 4 and 28 days after the vaccination, causing problems such as headaches, difficulty in breathing and stomach aches.

Associate. Prof. Dao Xuan Co, deputy director of Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital, said that the treatment of coagulation as a result of Covid-19 vaccination is similar to normal coagulation disorders.

Co advised people to not be concerned about the vaccination as coagulation rarely happens and can also be easily treated by doctors.

This article was originally published in Dtinews

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