Red cotton flowers in full bloom
hanguyen0409 27-03-2021, 00:16

Viet Hồ

Hoa gạo (kapok or cotton flower), which is also known as Moc Mien, often comes in full bloom in March. The flower is mostly seen in the north of the country. The flower has five big petals in a bright red colour.

Red cotton flowers in full bloom
Young women in traditional long dress under a kapok tree in Yen Mo District, the northern province of Ninh Bình. VNS Photo Viet Hồ

Large old gạo trees, ancient wells and communal houses are common features of rural villages.

An old kapok tree in Ngai Communal House in the northern province of Thai Bình. VNS Photo Viet Hồ

The tree is called Pơ Lang in the Central Highlands region. It is said to have originated in India before being taken to Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Viet Nam.

A kapok tree in Nga Sơn, Thanh Hóa. VNS Photo Viet Hồ

This year the weather will get warm soon so the flowers will come into full bloom sooner.

Bright red flowers signal the end of spring. VNS Photo Viet Hồ

The flowers stay beautiful for a few weeks before falling when summer comes. Then the young buds of leaves will appear on bare branches. VNS

The tranquil beauty of a village in Nga Sơn District, the central province of Thanh Hoa. VNS Photo Viet Hồ