Must-try dishes in Quảng Nam
tranthuy02 10-03-2021, 20:38


Must-try dishes in Quảng Nam
A dish of Cầu Móng smoked calf served with a special sauce, fresh vegetables and rice paper. VNA/VNS Photo

HCM CITY – Mì Quảng, Cầu Móng smoked calf and Hoi An chicken rice are among must-try dishes when you visit the central province of Quảng Nam.

Mì Quảng or Quảng Noodle has a distinct flavor and texture including the sweetness of finely crushed shrimp in the broth, saltiness of the pork and freshness of vegetables topped with scallion, cilantro and peanuts.

The Cầu Móng smoked calf has been a famous dish in Quảng Nam for around 50 years. The meat is delicious because of the quality of grass in Gò Nổi area in Đien Ban District.

Care is taken in smoking the meat over a charcoal fire, turning it evenly and getting it tender. The smoked calf is served with a special sauce, fresh vegetables and rice paper.

The Hoi An chicken rice is favored for its dry and broken texture. The rice is topped with shredded chicken, onions, scallion, salt, lemon and coriander.

Some famous old eateries in Quảng Nam's Hoi An Town that have won the hearts of food lovers are Bưởi, Thuận, Nga and Lam’s chicken rice shops. – VNS