Royal sisters movie gets release date after pandemic delay
sonnguyen 4-03-2021, 00:43
Royal sisters movie gets release date after pandemic delay
The poster for the movie Gai Gia Lắm Chieu V – Những Cuoc Đời Vương Giả (Camellia Sisters - Living Like Royalty). Photo

HCM CITY — The fifth edition in a series of chick-flick movies will be released in cinemas nationwide next week, after being delayed due to the COVID-19 resurgence earlier this year.

Gai Gia Lắm Chieu V – Những Cuoc Đời Vương Giả (Camellia Sisters - Living Like Royalty) will premiere on March 12, a month after the original date of February 12, the first lunar day of the Year of the Ox.

With the pandemic controlled in much of Viet Nam, the producer MAR6 Pictures feels ready to release the movie in cinemas safely. 

“Changing the film release date was a difficult decision because it disturbed the original plan, but we want to keep the audience safe and decide to delay until the viewers can safely go to the theatre to enjoy the movie," said director Bảo Nhan.

Gai Gia Lắm Chieu V – Những Cuoc Đời Vương Giả is the fifth edition of the chick-flick series called Gai Gia Lắm Chieu (The Tricky Ladies) that was launched in 2016 by young directors Bảo Nhan and Nam Cito.

The third edition on the relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law, played by Le Khanh and Lan Ngọc, recorded revenue of VND165 billion (US$7 million) and is one of the top 10 highest-grossing Vietnamese films of all time.

The fifth edition features late actor Hoang Dũng in the role of wealthy Vĩnh Nghị. The film was the last he took part in before dying on February 14 from blood cancer.

Director Bảo Nhan said during the filming period, Dũng endured pain to complete the scenes. His first segment in the film was on Thien An Hill, requiring Hoang Dũng to ride a bicycle for many hours at night. After the filming was done, he gasped due to exhaustion.

The main filming location was a white tea garden within an ancient villa and cost more than VND2 billion ($87,000) to set up the European-style garden. 

The movie was also filmed in many famous destinations in Huế in an effort to promote the beauty of local culture, tourism as well as the history of the city. 

Lan Ngọc, the main actress of the previous editions, will make a come back in the fifth edition. Photo Facebook Gai Gia Lắm Chieu

Other well-known artists also contributed to the movie, including famous designer Đỗ Mạnh Cường who worked as the fashion director and singer Bui Lan Hương who performed the soundtrack.

Camellia Sisters - Living Like Royalty focuses on the three Lý sisters belonging to the Huế aristocracy. Three famous actresses, Le Khanh, Hồng Van and Kaity Nguyễn, play the three sisters.

People's Artist Le Khanh plays Lý Le Ha - the scheming eldest sister in the family with a long history of collecting antiques. To look different from her role as the mother-in-law Thai Tuyết Mai in the third edition, she cut her long hair that she had grown for more than 20 years. 

People's Artist Hồng Van, as the second eldest sister Lý Le Hồng is talkative, seemingly carefree but knows a lot of family secrets. She also starred in the third edition. 

Kaity Nguyễn, after the big success of Tiec Trăng Mau (Blood Moon Party) is the youngest sister, Lý Linh. 

With such a lineup of big names on the silver screen, the movie is anticipated to be a bit hit and possibly surpass the success of the third edition. — VNS