Hải Phòng exhibition features traditional folk paintings
ChandraGarran04 25-01-2021, 15:35

Minh Thu

HẢI PHÒNG — An exhibition of traditional Vietnamese folk paintings is being held at Hải Phòng Museum.

The exhibition, held in collaboration between the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum and Hải Phòng Museum, features folk paintings, Đong Hồ paintings from Bắc Ninh, Hang Trống from Ha Noi and prayer paintings of the Tay and Cao Lan ethnic groups. 

“A lot of efforts have been put into research, collection, preservation by generations of museum staff because traditional folk paintings play an important role in treasuring national cultural heritage," said Trần Thị Hương, Vice President of the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum.

Each type of folk painting aims to present a unique part of the Vietnamese national identity. The topics of the paintings include daily the daily working lives of farmers like growing rice and herding buffalo, as well as farmers at leisure by playing the flute or shopping at rural markets.  

A corner at the exhibition. — Photo Facebook Hải Phòng Museum

With diverse contents and vibrant colours, the exhibition aims to help preserve traditional values, bringing the audience an overview of traditional culture. 

Nguyễn Văn Phương, head of Hải Phòng Museum, said: “Folk paintings are products of collective intellect through generations; traditional paintings not only meet the spiritual, spiritual and emotional needs of our people during the Tết holiday, but also have hidden moral and personality education in everyday life.”

Visitors at the exhibition can also try making their own Đong Hồ paintings. 

The exhibition runs from January 20 to April 2021. — VNS