The new normal: Celebs wear masks on red carpet
daitranvan 12-12-2020, 15:10

Masks have become indispensable at fashion shows and show biz events amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the Vietnam International Fashion Week celebrities wore masks, many embellished with ornaments, as they sought to keep themselves and others safe from Covid-19. In the photo above, actress Diem My walks the red carpet with a clear mask.

At another event she opts for a heavily ornamented one.

A beaded mask matches actress Nha Phuong’s dress.

At a fashion show, Phuong wears a plain mask.

Model Khanh Linh in a mask that took her five hours to decorate.

South Korean singer Hari Won shows off her natural makeup style in a clear mask.

Fashion designer Von Nguyen (R) in an unembellished mask, while her friend, Hoang Ku, uses a turban to protect himself.

Fashion designers like Cong Tri and Nguyen Tien Truyen also promoted masks in their new collections at the fashion week held in Saigon from December 3-6.

Photos by Hai Nguyen