Architects create green oasis in downtown Saigon
thamnguyen99 26-11-2020, 18:49

A villa in Saigon’s District 3 eliminates unnecessary spaces to ensure there is a single large garden instead of multiple small green areas.

The 300-square-meter villa belongs to a person who wants a comfortable and convenient living space amid the urban hustle and bustle.

The idea was to create a living space above a garden, giving occupants a feeling of walking on bridges.

A steel gate separates the house from the outside but soon creepers will cover it, creating a natural layer of protection.

The villa has a basement and three floors. Architects tried to create a large garden intertwined with the house instead of having a few small green areas. To do this they had to eliminate unnecessary spaces and furniture.

The minimalist living room has a natural “curtain” made of creepers, which allows sunlight in.

A balcony on the top floor helps connect with the neighborhood, which includes historical buildings such as Tan Dinh Church and Tan Dinh Market.

Architects used roller shutters to minimize the separation between the outside and inside.

The inside has many spaces that combine light and dark, and concrete and stones are ubiquitous.

The villa is surrounded by greenery and natural light.

Photos by Oki Hiroyuki