Shades of beige: Vietnamese celebs embrace naked tones
duonghanhnguyen 25-11-2020, 23:56

From camel to earthy shades of brown and tan, Vietnamese celebrities have followed the beige fashion trend for an elegant and classy look.

Actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc (L) wears a beige dress, flanked by colleague Diem My, who also opts for a similar tone.
The trend of beige outfits has proved to be a hit since the spring/summer 2019 fashion season. According to many fashion lovers, the neutral tones of beige will never go out of style and would remain a wardrobe staple for seasons to come. Photo courtesy of Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc.

Model Phi Phuong Anh chooses a cutout dress to show off her curves. Photo courtesy of Phi Phuong Anh.

Model Vu Ngoc Cham’s street style includes an off-the-shoulder beige shirt made of tweed, combing with pants of the same color. Photo courtesy of Vu Ngoc Cham.

Singer Amee goes trendy with a beige gilet sweater and brown skirt. Photo courtesy of Amee.

Singer Chi Pu never misses a single fashion trend. She chooses loose pants with a crop top in different shades of beige for her autumn look. Photo courtesy of Chi Pu.

Singer Yen Nhi goes for a classy look with a silk and circle skirt in beige and brown. Photo courtesy of Yen Nhi.