Ethnic people in Điện Biên celebrate the National Great Unity Festival
tranthuy02 21-11-2020, 08:15

ĐIỆN BIÊN — More than 40 households from the  Mường Phăng Commune in the northern province of Đien Bien gathered and celebrated the National Great Unity Festival 2020 earlier this week.

Ethnic people in Điện Biên celebrate the National Great Unity Festival
BRELLA, BRELLA: Mong ethnic girls in traditional costumes in Lọng Luong 2 Village perform the umbrella dance at the National Great Unity Festival 2020. VNA/ Photo Xuan Tiến

The festival commemorates the 90th anniversary of the traditional day of the Viet Nam National United Front (November 18, 1930 – November 18, 2020).

Lọng Luong 2 Village, whose population is totally Mong ethnic people, is one of 20 poorest mountainous villages in the commune.

ON SHOW: The National Great Unity Festival 2020 of Lọng Luong 2 Village is held at the Giang A Vang, village chief’s house. 

According to Giang A Vang, the village chief, the festival has been organised annually, creating a communal place for locals to gather and exchange experiences in working, farming. It also aims to enhance and construct the village’s conventions.

At the same time, it is an opportunity for people to participate in communal cultural activities, reinforcing the solidarity in the local community and honouring the cultural values of the Mong ethnic people, he added.

PIPES OF PEACE: A local man of Lọng Luong 2 Village performs khen (panpipe) during the National Great Unity Festival 2020 celebrated there. 

The art performances had been meticulously prepared by the Mong girls.

“The performances had been rehearsed by female members two weeks earlier, taking advantage of our free time after work in the evening,” said Hạng Thị Sinh, a member of local art troupe.

HARD WORK: Since the early morning, the ethnic people in Lọng Luong 2 Village go down the mountain to the village chief’s house to attend the National Great Unity Festival 2020. 

The themes of the selected songs and dances are praising the Party, the State and President Hồ Chí Minh, as well as expressing the cohesion of 19 ethnic communities within the province.

The National Great Unity Festival 2020 has also been celebrated in many provinces nationwide this week with many activities.

CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES: Two Mong people in Lọng Luong 2 Village travel to the area where the National Great Unity Festival 2020 is celebrated.