Mu Cang Chai gains its rank in Big 7 Travel’s world top destinations
VietReader 8-11-2020, 10:51

Big 7 Travel is a website that provides information and guidance on tourism destinations over the world, as well as must-try experiences recommended by prestigious international magazines and newspapers. Recently, this website announced a list of the 50 most beautiful destinations in 2020 based on a survey of 1.5 million users through online platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram.

Mu Cang Chai gains its rank in Big 7 Travel’s world top destinations
Accordingly, Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai, Vietnam) ranked 21 as one of the most stunning spots to enjoy the ripe terraced fields. Big 7 Travel explains: ‘Centuries of careful cultivation have shaped what is easily some of the most beautiful rice terraces in the world’ . (Photo: VN Express)

Below are photos of the top 10 leading destinations in the list:

Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile is located in Chile’s southern Patagonia. Big 7 Travel says: ‘From the ancient glacial lakes to the jagged range of Cordillera, from roaming pumas and endless grazing guanaco [a relative of the llama], Torres del Paine is the epitome of wilderness and takes first place for the most beautiful places in the world’ (Photo: VN Express)
Faroe, Denmark: An archipelago with 18 mountains located in the North Atlantic, between Norway and Iceland, named Faroe “has everything the tourists hope for”. Its have numerous crystal clear waterfalls and majestic cliffs that appear miraculously among the green hills. (Photo: VN Express)
Grand Teton National Park, USA: This national park is popular with mountain lovers and boasts valleys, lakes, charming cabins and stellar sunsets. Its main draw is the Teton Mountains, which stretch for 40 miles through Wyoming. The tallest is Grand Teton at 13,775ft (4,199m). (Photo: VN Express)
Li River, China: This winding river loops past ‘ancient villages, verdant bamboo groves and jagged cliffsides’ and has been named by National Geographic as one of the world’s ’10 watery wonders’ (Photo: VN Express)
Lake Bled, Slovenia: Located in the Julian Alps region in northwestern Slovenia, Lake Bled appears with a beautiful fairy tale setting. In the middle of the lake lies a small island with many buildings, notably Mary the Queen Church with a 52m tower. (Photo: VN Express)
Great Barrier Reef, Australia: This coral reef system is the largest in the world and is made up of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. Big 7 Travel says: ‘In addition to being stunningly beautiful, it’s home to an impressive diversity of species’ (Photo: VN Express)
Baff National Park, Canada: The breathtaking meadows lying along the high mountains, the lively wildlife, and the lush green forests are what make this place impressive. (Photo: VN Express)
Palawa, Philippines: According to Big 7 Travel, this string of islands in the Philippines is ‘a fantastic triple treat of diverse wildlife, pristine landscapes and subterranean marvels’ (Photo: VN Express)
Scottish Highland, Scotland: Big 7 Travel describes the Highlands as ‘one of the most magical places on Earth’ thanks to its fairy glens, crystal clear lochs, lost castles and rolling hills. (Photo: VN Express)
Kyoto, Japan: Once arriving at the capital of Japan, this historic city has ‘countless Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and pristine gardens’, says Big 7 Travel, adding: ‘Kyoto is truly beautiful year-round, but in spring, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, you’re in for something magical. (Photo: VN Express)