Bluezone, the application that enables
thamnguyen99 1-11-2020, 12:52
Bluezone, the application that enables

Bluezone was developed by the BKAV group and officially came into being on April 28. This application for smartphones will alert a user who has had contact with an infected person if that person is recorded as patient in the Ministry of Health database. [/b]

“This application was developed on behalf of the Ministries of Health and Information Technology. It uses Bluetooth technology which allows your cell phone to exchange information with any other phones you pass by during the day. But this is low energy bluetooth which consumes only 10% of energy per day ", explains Vu Ngoc Son, one of the developers of Bluezone. [b]

Since March, countries across the globe have sought technological solutions and tools to help them curb the spread of COVID-19. Vietnam is one of the first countries to have a contact tracing app in place.

Bluezone will warn for 14 days users who have had contact for 10 minutes and within 2 meters of an infected person. Thanks to him, l The health services will quickly be able to find F1 - people who have had direct contact with an infected person -, F2 - those who have had contact with an F1 -, and so on to quarantine them instead of at the same time confining a neighborhood or building each time a new case is detected.

Pham Tuan Hiep , director of a business incubator at Hanoi Polytechnic
Pham Tuan Hiep who is the director of a business incubator at Hanoi Polytechnic, appreciates this solution very much.

“Currently, Bluezone has been installed by more than 14 million Vietnamese. This figure is expected to increase in the coming times to reach 50-60 million users in our country and reach its optimum efficiency. The more people who install and use it, the more effective it will be in stemming the spread of the virus, ”he tells us.

The app is now available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. It is free, and its use is free. The protection of personal data is guaranteed according to the Ministry of Health.