Changes to the rituals in the wedding and memorial service at Cham
tranthuy02 29-10-2020, 13:29
Changes to the rituals in the wedding and memorial service at Cham
A ritual at the Cham memorial service. (Photo:

In order to implement the campaign “The whole population show solidarity in building up cultural life and families”, the members of the Cham in Binh Thuan have included numerous rules in the village's agreement. As a result, numerous manners and customs are simplified, but their traditional cultural features are retained. For example, at engagement and wedding celebrations, there are two rituals instead of four as before. The Hindu Cham memorial service takes three to four days instead of eight to ten days.

Huynh Thanh, a resident of Canh Dien Village, Bac Binh County, Binh Thuan Province, said that earlier only funerals were organized by dignitaries and wealthy Muslim Cham people according to the customs of the Muslim Cham. Nowadays, funeral ceremonies for all members of the Muslim Cham are held in the same way.

“At the Muslim Cham memorial service, one pays attention to the food. It used to cost the deceased's family a lot of money to eat at the memorial service. Nowadays people who help the family of the deceased organize the funeral service are divided into different groups. For example, a group is engaged in cooking. Another group is responsible for the slaughter. Dignitaries are also divided into various small groups. If the first group of dignitaries eat, the second group will refuse to eat at the memorial service. At the wedding reception, the main monk allows numerous rituals to be reduced in order to save money. "

The area for the funeral and funeral service of the Cham. (Photo:

The Cham village agreement stipulates that people who attend the funeral service go home after the funeral service and not attend the family meal of the deceased. In addition the main monk Ba Xanh in the village of Binh Hoa in the province of Binh Thuan:
“We inform the members of the Cham about the thrift at the funeral service. If he has a water buffalo as an offering at the Dhi Festival, he should no longer buy large species of fish. At the festival you shouldn't drink too much beer and schnapps. If you drink too much, it will cause arguments. "

In changing the mindset of the Cham people, the Council of Hindu Cham dignitaries plays an important role. The chairman of the Council of Hindu Cham Dignitaries in Binh Thuan Province, Monk Thuong Xuan Huu, said the council had adopted common conventions on rituals at festivals, weddings and funerals of the Cham.

“In the past, a memorial service was organized within eight to ten days. Nowadays it takes three to four days. The steps to getting married are also being shortened today. The wedding date is set at the meeting of the Baut families and the groom. The engagement and wedding celebrations are organized on the same day. “

The change in thinking about wedding and funeral customs of the Cham people in Binh Thuan has gradually brought about effectiveness. Even so, these customs are still complicated in some places. Therefore, the provincial authorities should heed the education and the call. At the same time, the knowledge of the members of the Cham should be improved. This allows civilized living conditions to spread to the Cham community in Binh Thuan.

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