Ramadan of the Cham ethnic group
duonghanhnguyen 29-10-2020, 13:29
Ramadan of the Cham ethnic group
The Cham perform religious ceremony in Ramadan month. (Photo: Baoangiang.com.vn)

Like the members of the Cham in the south-central Vietnamese provinces of Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan, the Cham in An Giang had numerous festivals in one year, especially Ramadan. For the Cham in An Giang, Ramadan (the month of fasting) is an important and holy month. This is an opportunity for the members of the Cham both men and women from the age of five to review their right and wrong actions in the past year in order to be able to correct their mistakes. During Lent, the Cham people refrain from eating, drinking and smoking from the beginning of dawn until sunset. You are not allowed to slaughter any animals during Lent. In addition, friendly interaction with fellow human beings is maintained. Entertainment activities are prohibited during the holy time.

In order to prepare for Ramadan, the residents in the village discuss the sale of food, such as cakes and beef. After the fast, the villagers will participate in a feast in a large house or mosque. Mohamet, a resident in the village of Vung Xoai in the municipality of Chau Phong:
“During Ramadan you have to go without food within 30 days. You can eat at night. During Lent, members of the Cham prepare for the food and clothing for their children. After the service in the mosque on the 30th day, they congratulate the members in their families, give lucky money and visit friends and neighbors. "

At sunset, the breaking of the fast is celebrated by eating with the community. The dishes for dinner are varied. The head of the village Vung Xoai in the municipality of Chau Phong, Chale:
“Curry and Ca pua, a Cham specialty in An Giang, are two main dishes for Cham dinner. The traditional New Year celebrations of the Cham people are called “Sa chai”. During the New Year celebrations, the Cham will go to mosques, visit relatives and eat together. "

Ramadan is an important festival of the Cham. That is why the authorities pay great attention to this festival. Huynh Thanh Duy, an employee of the cultural authority of the Chau Phong community:

“In the month of fasting, there is the traditional Cham New Year. The provincial authorities observe the intellectual and cultural living conditions of the Cham. Children are interested in helping their families clean up the houses and villages to welcome the traditional New Year celebrations. "

Activities after holy Ramadan take place from the 1st to the 3rd of the tenth month according to the Islamic lunar calendar. This is the time for the traditional family gathering of the Cham Muslims. During this time, the Cham Muslims, who work far from home, return to their hometowns to celebrate with their families.

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