Burial chamber - the unique building of the Co Tu minority in Thua Thien Hue
tranthuy02 26-10-2020, 13:26
Burial chamber - the unique building of the Co Tu minority in Thua Thien Hue
Grave house of the Co Tu in Thua Thien Hue. (Photo: doisongphapluat.com)

In the minds of the Co Tu minority, the burial chamber is the accommodation for the dead. The souls of the dead are idolized and the villagers are blessed with happiness, a good harvest and health. In a burial chamber there are enough household items as in normal life. In Thuong Long municipality in Thua Thien Hue province, the culture and sculptures of the tomb of the Co Tu ethnic group are preserved to this day. The tradition of building the burial chamber is a reminder of the ancestors and origins of the Co Tu ethnic group. The architecture of the burial site is usually square and rectangle with ornaments engraved on it. Around the pillars and posts are carved the figures of animals closely related to the everyday life of the Co Tu minority, such as the snake and the gecko. The wooden coffin was made in the form of a boat with special ornaments carved on it. The sculptures in a burial chamber fully reflect the cultural life of the Co Tu. According to the Co Tu, the dead will bring the culture and customs of their ethnic group with them to the afterlife. Master craftsman Pham Van Tin in Thue Thien Hue Province said that after the coffin was placed in the burial chamber, four sculptures would be placed at the four corners of the coffin to show gratitude to the dead. The ornaments in the Co Tu tomb are colorful. The sculptures of the water buffalo and the geese are placed on the roof. A woman's and a man's burial chamber are different, Tin said.

“A pig's head is usually placed on a woman's grave and another animal's head is placed on a man's grave. The drawings on the coffin are complex and clear. “

A good piece of wood should be used to make sculptures for the tomb. The sculptures express sadness because the relatives have died. Some of the sculptures depict the everyday life of the Co Tu. Including a man with a drum or a dancing woman. According to the head of the cultural department in Nam Dong County, Le Nhu Su said the burial chamber and making the sculptures are customs of the Co Tu ethnic group. But nowadays not so many members of this ethnic group can make the sculptures. Building a burial chamber is time consuming and expensive. For this reason, the burial chambers are no longer as they were originally. Thua Thien Hue Province has made several plans to preserve traditional Co Tu culture. Le Nhu Suu said of this.

“This tradition of the Co Tu will be preserved and continued by us. The restoration of the grave of Co Tu shows the gratitude of the people towards the dead. ”

The talent and skill of the master craftsmen have created the diversity of the Co Tu burial chamber. The continuation of the tomb can not only preserve the cultural diversity of Co Tu, but will also promote spiritual tourism in Thua Thien Hue Province.

Thu Hang