The clothing of the Mong ethnic minority in Sa Pa
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The clothing of the Mong ethnic minority in Sa Pa
Dyeing technique of the Mong in Sa Pa. (Photo: )

The Mong ethnic group used to live along the Yangtze River in China. Faced with the conflict with the people of the Han Empire in China, the Mong members immigrated to the south and then to Vietnam. The first members of the Mong migrated to Sa Pa and mainly live on the Hoang Lien mountains. According to Giang Seo Ga, a member of the Vietnamese Folk Art Association, the clothes of the Mong in Sa Pa are similar to the clothes of the Mong in Sichuan in China.

“All white, black Mong often wear dark blue clothes and respect that color. But history has written that they love black color. The young people often wear green clothes to better integrate. They have a saying, "meat is red and vegetables are green". This enables them to continue their tradition. ”

According to Giang Seo Ga, Mong clothing is closely related to their culture and customs.

“According to ancestral accounts, the Mong ethnic group has some important symbols. For example, the shaman's altar always has three circles. The largest circle in the middle symbolizes the earth. Two circles in the east represent the sun and the moon and are dark blue. For this reason, the Mong ethnic group in Sa Pa think that dark blue or black is elegant and most valuable. ”

The clothes of the men and women of the Mong in Sa Pa are black and cut from linen. Each direction of the Mong have their own ornaments and embroidery. Men's clothing usually consists of trousers, a long-sleeved shirt, jacket, and a coin. The collar of the jacket has always been embroidered. Giang Seo Ga said about this.

“The large and small stripes on Mong clothing used to be made of green fabric. But later they chose black color for it. That is why there is no longer a green stripe on sleeves. Only the Mong men in Sa Pa wear the jacket today. They are proud to wear these clothes at festivals. ”

Sa Pa City Cultural Center official Giang A Sai said the Mong jacket in Sa Pa was always cut from several pieces of cloth.

“The jacket always has four pieces. The largest piece is the piece for the back. The other pieces are a bit smaller. The trousers for men are baggy trousers so that they can move easily when climbing mountains. ”

Most of the buttons on men's jackets are on the right because, according to Mong tradition, the buttons on the deceased's jacket are on the left. Giang Seo Ga talked about the clothes of Mongolian women.

“Mong women used to wear clothes. Most of them used to live in the forest, where there were a lot of mosquitos. So they put on pants instead of dresses. The women's pants are to the knees and the women's blouse is long sleeved. There are always many ornaments embroidered on the sleeves. The blouses of women at work in everyday life are always black. But for the parties they always wear blouses with colorful ornaments. “

The unique ornaments and black color create the peculiarity of the clothes of the Mong in Sa Pa.

Giang Seo Pua