Signature of the "Cuisine sans frontières" program
VietReader 25-10-2020, 12:00
Signature of the "Cuisine sans frontières" program
Signature of the "Cuisine sans frontieres" program. Photo: Saigontourist

The three partners want to put Vietnamese and international cuisine at the top of the bill for their future chefs. Concretely, the "Cuisine sans frontieres" program will take place every two months at the Saigontourist Hotel School (STHC).
"Vegetarian food"
Different themes will be discussed such as vegetarian menus, New Year's dishes, Christmas specialties, food processing and health on the plate. The teaching team will be composed of experts and culinary artists from Vietnam. Participants will be chefs from the Association of Professional Chefs of Ho Chi Minh City and students from STHC, Vietnam's premier cooking, tourism and hospitality training school.
The first program of "Cuisine sans frontieres" starts on October 22 at the STHC, on the theme of "Vegetarian food". It is sponsored by Maggi, the Ngon Hanoi restaurant chain and various agribusiness and tourism companies.
Minh Thu /CVN