Four thrilling places in Vietnam challenge adventure-lovers
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Fansipan Peak

Four thrilling places in Vietnam challenge adventure-lovers
Photo: Baocantho

Fansipan is situated at an altitude of 3143 m above sea level and is the highest mountain in Vietnam as well as in Indochina. Fansipan Mountain is cool and shrouded by seas of clouds all year round resembling scenery in the fairyland,
Du lich Vietnam (Vietnam Travel)

Photo: Halotravel
Snow on Fansipan in winter Photo: Vietnammoi

In winter,
attracts a large number of tourists to admire snow which rarely appears in a tropical- climate country like Vietnam.

Photo: Dan Tri

Standing on Fansipan Mount, tourists will have the opportunity to capture in their eyes the panoramic view of imposing mountains hidden in the clouds.

Photo: Dan Tri

In the early morning and late afternoon, the temperature on Fansipan is quite low; thus, tourists should prepare warm clothes.

Tay Con Linh Peak

Ripening terraced fields seen from Tya Con Linh Peak Photo: Wecheckin

Stretching over two districts of Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen (Ha Giang), Tay Con Linh Peak is located at an altitude of 2427 meters above sea level and boasts breath-taking beauty.

Photo: Mercitour

Tay Con Linh Peak is considered as the rooftop of the Northeastern region and also a sacred mountain in the legends of the La Chi ethnic people.

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The hiking path to Tay Con Linh Peak is craggy and hard as it is surrounded by dense jungles and steep abysses. Nevertheless, tourists will certainly be compensated by its spectacular scenery created by terraced rice fields, majestic mountain ranges, splendid valleys along with rustic traditional houses of ethnic minorities.

Photo: Pystravel

Tay Con Linh Peak is said to be the most gorgeous at the sunset as seas of clouds are dyed in the yellow hues of sunshine.

Ba Den Mountain

Sunset on Ba Den Mountain Photo: Baodanang

Ba Den Mountain is located in Tay Ninh province, about 110km from Ho Chi Minh City. Ba Den mountain complex covers an area of 24km2 including three mountains namely Heo, Phung and Ba Den mountains. Ba Den is the highest mountain (986m) and is regarded as the rooftop of Southern Vietnam.

Photo: Vietnamtouristvn

Ba Den Mountain is always a premier “must-explore” peak on the bucket list of many adventure-lovers thanks to its imposing mountains and caves.

Photo: Baotayninh

To conquer Ba Den mountain, tourists can take cable cars or trek. Trekking is a preferred choice of many people as they can stop to check-in along the road.

Ba Den Mountain is truly an ideal getaway to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Photo: Thanhnien

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Photo: Media

Ma Pi Leng (
Ha Giang
), one of four great mountain passes in Vietnam, is famous for its winding, rugged curves and steep cliffs that offer thrills to any backpackers.

Photo: Vtc News

Ma Pi Leng Pass is located at an altitude of 1200 km above sea level and is made up of a series of sediments such as non-silicate rocks or shale. The pass has a total length of nearly 20km, stretching from Dong Van town to Meo Vac district.

Nho Que river seen from Ma Pi Leng Photo: Liontrip

Adding to the already magnificent beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass is Nho Que River which originates from Yunnan (China), flows into Vietnam at the northernmost point of Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district.

Nho Que river and Tu San Abyss Alley seen from Ma Pi Leng Photo: Kynguyentourist

From Ma Pi Leng Pass, tourists can also have the chance to take in the entire view of thrilling Hem Tu San (Tu San Abyss Alley). In addition, cliffs in Ma Pi Leng Pass are also favorite spots of many adventure-lovers and photography enthusiasts.