Two geese… so good!
VietReader 27-09-2020, 09:36
Two geese… so good!
Thanks to the compassion of man, the geese were saved from death and separation. Photo: CTV /CVN

In the old days, in a village, there was a rich man who liked to eat well. Surprisingly delicious dishes were always found on his meal trays. On his property, he raised pigs, chickens and geese. When needed, one or the other of these animals would step into the pot to satisfy the foodie.
One day, the owner returns from a long trip, accompanied by valuable guests whom he wanted to honor with dignity. As soon as he got home, he ordered the servants to organize a banquet. After feasting on dishes, each more delicious than the next, the host and his guests go for a digestive walk in the estate.
In great danger
On their way, they cross a pair of superb white geese, led by a wand by a child. The host, proud of his poultry, points them out to visitors and says, " Have you ever seen such a pair of geese? They are healthy and plump. Today I will take the one of their little ones to cook it and accommodate it according to a recipe which you will tell me news about " . However, at that time, geese could understand the language of men (perhaps still today, but no one knows). Hearing what their master had just said, the two geese were overcome with deep despair. The couple have lived together for many years, happy and serene, but if we take one of their young, how could they continue to live like this?
At night, back at the barn, the gander says to the female: " The owner has promised a feast with a gosling for his guests. So he cannot go back on his word. I will follow suit. from the barn and when the cook arrives, he will take me because I am bigger than a gosling and he will be able to make a bigger dish. Let me die and keep raising our children! " The female then replies: " You must live and let me take your place. You are stronger than me and you will better protect our children. It is normal that it is me who dies ".
A family of geese that deserve our compassion. Photo: Tinhte /CVN

The male refuses the sacrifice of his female, and all night pleads for his own death. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, the two geese agree. They will lie down across the door and accept the fate: it will be the first that the cook will catch who dies.
Saved by compassion
However, the guest room was next to the barn and those who stayed there could hear the geese cackling. That night, visitors heard the geese screeching over who would sacrifice themselves for the other. Of course, the men couldn't understand the language of geese, but they thought, " These geese lived peacefully together, and because of us they are going to suffer. Wouldn't we be sad if we had to lose a child? "
Moved deep within themselves, they decided to refuse the meal the owner intended to offer them. In the early hours of the morning, they went to their host and asked him: " Thank you for your offer, but we have already eaten goose meat once, we think it is not delicious ". The host understood that one should not ask the cook to prepare goose meat for the meal. So the geese were saved from death by the compassionate lie of the guests. And they lived a long time still among their goslings.