The special and solidarity edition of the Hanoi Metropolis mid-autumn cakes
VietReader 23-08-2020, 00:01

The special and solidarity edition of the Hanoi Metropolis mid-autumn cakes
Moon cake presentation ceremony for the mid-autumn 2020 season at the Metropole Hanoi hotel on August 21.

This year, the Metropolis moon cakes are shaping up to be even more tempting as they will benefit from a flavor of pride, love, warmth and additional stories welcome in the age of social distancing and the fight against COVID. -19.
Each box of the cake is superbly designed with beautiful and inspiring images of the home delivery service or Metropole hotel staff wearing masks while still working enthusiastically. The cakes also come with a small poster designed to express the hotel's support and gratitude to all the heroes and soldiers in white coats fighting the epidemic in the country.
" For the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, we would like to express our gratitude to the silent heroes of the country's health sector. We can see the confidence and unanimity of every Vietnamese behind them to fight the epidemic . All of this makes the mid-autumn season more symbolic than ever at Metropole Hanoi ", William Haandrikman, general manager of the hotel, shared during the moon cake presentation ceremony for the 2020 season, on 21st of August.

Moon cakes, one of the prides of the Hotel Metropole Hanoi in recent years.

This year, the Hanoi Metropolis moon cake collection includes a box of 3 cakes (250 g) priced at 1980000 VND, a box of six cakes (100 g) priced at 1980000 VND and a VIP box of 6 cakes of 100 g (accompanied by a bottle of wine) at the price of 2880000 VND. These products will be sold at L'Epicerie du Metropole Hanoi from August 26 to 1 er October.
The famous cakes of the Metropolis are made by hand with carefully selected ingredients and without preservatives. In addition to the traditional flavors, the artisans at this hotel are offering two new types of toppings this year: one includes durian, pumpkin seeds and salted eggs; the other is lotus seeds, dried longan pulp and fruit tea.

The Hanoi Metropolis cakes are handcrafted with carefully selected ingredients and without preservatives.

On this occasion, the Hanoi Metropolis is doing a special promotion. Guests who order six or more boxes of cakes will receive an overnight stay in a Premium Room. Customers who order more than six boxes of VIP cakes will receive a night in the Grand Premium deluxe room. The 10% off price discount applies to orders before September 152020.
" Part of the income from the sale of the Metropolis cakes will be donated to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi to help it acquire the medical equipment necessary for the service in the fight against the epidemic.", pointed out William Haandrikman.

Text and photos: Que Anh /CVN