The fidelity of a brother (continuation and end)
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The fidelity of a brother (continuation and end)

Remember that a great misfortune fell on Hai's family: during his absence, a beggar had come to steal the clothes drying on the hedge of his house. His wife hit him. His head hit a rock and he died instantly. Informed of the situation by his wife, Hai quickly left his house to seek help from his friends.
After a few failed encounters, he was with one of the dearest who seemed to receive him cordially. Hai's heart filled with hope. He began to relate the incident. The friend grew more and more uneasy. He said he was old and sick himself, and couldn't handle heavy loads. " Couldn't you ask another friend? " Hai's friend finally told him.
Hai ran to another friend's house and found him particularly delighted to receive him. " What can I do for you, brother? " The friend said. " You seem very agitated, I would do anything to relieve you. Tell me to jump into the fire for you, and I will do it without hesitation, because you know my life is yours ". Hai let out a sigh of relief, thinking that his misfortune was going to end here and that at last he had found the true friend he was looking for.
But when Hai had finished her story and asked for help, the friend suddenly remembered that her mother had a bizarre illness and he couldn't leave her alone. But that he fully sympathized with Hai and would love to be able to help him…
Great happiness
Hai knocked on the other doors in vain. In the end, completely exhausted, he dragged his legs back home, half dead with fear and despair. But his wife made him a drink that helped him regain some strength. She said to him: " It is already late. Go to your brother Ba and ask him to come and help us! Hurry, we are running out of time! " As soon as he learned of the history, without any hesitation, Ba showed himself to be a very devoted brother and, full of tenderness, he immediately came to help his older brother to bury the beggar far from home and did everything possible to cheer him up.
Brothers, we are from the same family. Photo: Truong Tran /CVN

When the two brothers returned home in the early morning hours, what did they see? The house was full of Hai's friends who had asked the Magistrate to come to punish him. Each pointed an accusing finger at Hai and related alarming evidence. The Magistrate said in a solemn voice: " You have committed a murder and, in addition, you have tried to ask these men to become your accomplices. Fortunately, they are honest people and that they do not listen. their conscience. Bring us immediately to the place where you buried the beggar and justice be done! "
But the surprise was great when, in place of the beggar, they simply found the body of a large dog. At that moment, Hai's wife bowed to the ground before the judge and said, " I knew my husband loved his friends much more than his own brother, I looked for a long time for a way to make him see reason. Yesterday my dog ​​died and right away I concocted my story to help my husband know who his true friends are. And here is the result! "
One could imagine the relief of Hai who threw himself into his brother Ba's arms and wept with joy and emotion, while his friends stood there, stunned and crestfallen. Like what brotherly love is always stronger than the strongest of friendships.
Ông Ngoai /CVN