Top 5 causes of hair loss
duonghanhnguyen 4-06-2021, 20:47

Hair loss problems are common problems in both men and women, not age discrimination. If your hair has the following manifestations: Hair loss much when you wash your hair, loss of 100 strands per day, hair loss when you put your hands lightly, many hair loss when wet and dry, sparse hair sees the skin clearly, see hair loss after sleep. It can be a manifestation of the disease of hair that you should not ignore as manifestations. So the first thing you need to do is find out where hair loss is going for the most effective treatment. The following article will indicate to you the causes of hair loss.

Hormonal disorder

Top 5 causes of hair loss

Our body and family of aging or especially post-born women, in estrogen hormone levels, are significantly reduced compared to pregnancy causing hormonal disorders; untimely nutrition provides hair, the hair will grow slowly and shed much. Hormonal disorders are also common in women who are premenopausal and middle-school men.

Stress, anxiety lasts.

Most people with hair loss have this cause. Pressure, stress, stress may come from your work, emotional conflicts, relationships ... These stresses will cause the body to release a certain type of hormone that causes Give your hair a break before the deadline, make the immune system unbalanced, promote white blood cells to attack the hair follicles, causing hair loss.

Oily scalp

In all skin types, oily skin has the advantage of having a slow aging rate, but it is also a major cause affecting the beauty of your hair. The scalp is excessively oily, so dirt can easily cling to create dandruff, sticky hair leading to breakage.

Using chemicals

The need for beauty with trending hairstyles requires the use of a large number of chemicals for hair. But it is the chemicals that adversely affect your hair later. In addition, the use of chemicals will often hurt serious hair, causing peeling, damage to class Lipip and keratin in the form of hair cuticle causing weakness and fracture.
In addition, improper use of oily shampoo also affects the hair. Depending on each person's scalp that selects a shampoo with appropriate ingredients, avoiding severe allergies, the destruction of hair follicles causes the hair to break down and difficult to play again as originally.


Genetic hair loss is only seen in men, and women are not affected. This can mean that when your father is bald, your son will inherit that inheritance. According to Cameron Chumlea of ​​Dayon University (USA) research, "when people suffer from hair loss, children are 10 times more likely to be bald." People have established the following rates: Parents have hair loss, their child has a 92% chance of baldness; bald father and grandfather, children have 85% bald.