Top 7 Deadly Consequences Of Habits Of Abandoning Breakfast
doyen1988 4-06-2021, 17:08
The majority of people often have the habit of removing breakfast, not eating breakfast because they think it is a meal and have no effect on health and can work normally if we do not see hunger. And just filling enough energy into two meals is lunch and dinner is enough. However, it is the misconception of death. The elimination of breakfast takes place several times and the trader is the first cause of harm to our health. Especially in today's young friends, the less popular The breakfast condition is because they think it's a way to cut calories into the body and can lose weight. If you are also in such thinking, then you are completely wrong. Binary breakfast not only does not lose weight, also increases the risk of obesity, makes you lack of energy and a new day of work and also creates many risks of dangerous diseases to health. Here are the dangerous implications of undoing breakfast that Topshare wants to share so that you can know how to protect your health in the best way.

Nutrition imbalance, low resistance

Top 7 Deadly Consequences Of Habits Of Abandoning Breakfast

After a long night, you wake up in the morning you need to recharge the energy to awaken the body in the body that begins a new day of smooth operation. But you leave the meal with a lack of energy in the body, forced to get the energy stored from the liver, causing the liver to remain in overexertion. Moreover when you do not eat breakfast, up to 9-10h you will starve tincture, increase acidity in the stomach, blood pressure lowering damages to the stomach, a gradual digestive system immunity and the resistance of the body will be reduced.

Viem loet dạ day

When you quit the morning, in the stomach you will not have food that leads to your stomach always not contractile, the translation secreted but nothing to digestion will harm the stomach, gradually will lead to peptic ulcer. Furthermore, when you empty your intestines will reduce the excess residue from the previous day will not have the opportunity to waste outward that leads to long days it will return to the gravel.

The cause of migraine

Breakfast was the first meal of the day and was tasked with replenishing the energy for 12 hours earlier. The elimination of breakfast causes low blood sugar levels, causing hypoglycemia. This is the cause of hypertension, which causes migraine headaches and headaches.

Affects hormones

The fasting habit makes a great effect on hormones in the body. The change in hormones increases the amount of cortisol, which causes you to feel hangover, stress, poor memory. At the same time you will always feel the lack of energy, the mood is not good more irritable.


If you are looking to lose weight and have a habit of leaving a regular breakfast then you are contrary to your goals. Giving up breakfast causes you to increase your cravings for fat and sweets. In addition, as the hunger of the climax will take down every determination to lose weight, you will tend to eat more than the amount of food that was fast in the morning. Those needs cause the body to eat more during the day and you gain weight quickly.

The speed of aging is fast

Because you do not have breakfast to recharge for a long day after 12 hours of fasting, the body is forced to mobilize the amount of sugar and protein to be pre-reserved to operate, so it will make the surface of the skin dry, tanned, nutritious. Your skin will be no longer youthful, smooth and pink, and instead appear the bait on the skin and wrinkles in the eye area and on the face.

Risk of cancer

Leaving breakfast makes you eat in any other meal during the day, leading to obesity. According to a review by the Center for Cancer Research in the UK, people who are overweight, obese have a high risk of developing cancer than normal people.
So add a full energy breakfast for a more dynamic and healthier day.

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