Top 10 bad habits that affect your health
tranthuy02 4-06-2021, 12:48
The habit is a chain of reflex that has conditions due to training that there is. One of us also has our habits. The habits tooar and bad habits, good habits help us improve ourselves and live better, bad habits will affect our own lifestyle as well as our own health. There are bad habits that we and many people have, we think that it is normal, is harmless. But in fact, it is the risk of silently damaging your health that we do not know. To set a habit is incredibly easy, but to give up a habit is not easy.

Midnight snacks

Top 10 bad habits that affect your health

According to the study of the National University of Mexico, night meals can increase the risk of heart disease or diabetes, while increasing the level of triglycerides. Triglyceride is a dangerous fat in the blood, accumulates in adipose tissue around the abdomen and can not be eliminated easily. Therefore, in order to protect the health, we should limit the feeding of the tie at midnight regularly.

Salty eating habits

Salty food habits can pose a danger to your health. Too salty foods have caused 9.5% of the total dietary deaths involved, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
According to Reader's Digest, eating too much salt can damage the heart or kidneys and it is the leading cause of death-related diets.

Fasting urination, defecation

Urination is an essential need of each person, but in life no less people have the habit of "fasting" and maintaining it for a long time. This habit not only causes discomfort to the body, but it also causes cancer. Because in the urine there are some substances that can stimulate cancer cells in the bladder, also in the feces there are many more harmful substances. Therefore, you should change this habit of living as soon as possible.

Fasting breakfast

Many people have a habit of skipping breakfast because breakfast is not important, but it is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast adjusts the appetite for the whole day. So, then will make you eat more of the day causing weight gain, overweight or obesity increases the risk of heart disease and death. Fasting also causes the body to be tired of lack of energy, alcohol, loss of focus and a huge image to the stomach.

Bite nails

Biting nails is very conspicuous habit in many people. According to Dr. Adam Friedman at George Washington University of Medicine, biting nails can directly put bacteria from hand into the oral cavity, or bacteria on the skin, into the skin. Here, they can proliferate the infection around the nail folds or deep into the fingers. Not to mention if the hand is scratched, bacteria can enter the blood to cause sepsis, potentially life-threatening.

Squeeze acne

Dr. Friedman says, scratching or touching acne can pose a risk of breaking down the protective barrier of the damaged skin from acne and allowing bacteria to penetrate.
The need for bacteria to live in hair follicles and proliferate when pimples, causing skin infections such as abscesses, boils and even acne wrap. The acne will cause Staphylococci to ease into the bloodstream, eyes and even the central nervous system.

Rub your eyes with your hands repeatedly

Using a constant eye hand is a very difficult habit for many people, this is extremely dangerous action that can cause damage to the eyes, moreover the use of such eye accidentally creates conditions for bacterial attack causing inflammation to this sensitive area, even heavier can be a retinal detachment causing permanent vision loss without timely treatment. This habit also causes the eyelashes to be damaged, broken.

Cover your head with a blanket when sleeping

The sleep-headboard action means you are limiting your breathing space, which causes shortness of breath, suffocation caused by organs that are not supplied enough to lead to poor activity, especially the brain that will be most affected, the brain is vulnerable , memory impairment and fatigue.

Sitting in the toilet watching newspaper, using phone

Sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper, using the phone is the bad habit of extending the time of exorgement, making the anus hemostasis and hemorrhoids play. The sitting in the toilet for more than 5 minutes will increase the pressure in your veins, making the blood in the reverse-flowing vein not swept, leading to varicose veins in the rectum, making the closed vein group loose, so that the vein becomes thin and bulging. So long as the hemorrhoids will form. The longer the toilet time, the higher the incidence of the disease.
Moreover, when holding the phone to the toilet can spread bacteria.

Cross your legs

This small habit is thought to be comfortable, but it interferes with blood circulation in the legs, is easy to cause venous obstruction, scoliosis, hernial disc. Experts say that people with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, if long-legged squenging the leg is more severe. Frequent cross-leg straining for a long time is a human being that causes you to make a number of illnesses such as varicose veins or obstruction in the legs, causing damage to the bones of the bone or muscle tension and reproductive health effects in men.

Using too many phones and computers without relaxing

In this era of technology as the current use of the phone or computer sitting too much was no stranger, this can be due to the mandatory peculiarities of the work or due to personal preference. However, the use of a phone or computer is too long to have a huge impact on the health of users such as: decreased vision, cervical osteochondrosis, cerebral ischemia, depression,... To avoid a bad condition that occurs with health, you should balance your working time and activities, and relax reasonably.

Just woke up immediately out of bed

According to Prof. Jim Horne at the Center for Sleep Studies, Loughborough University said, just woke up immediately out of bed very likely to cause sudden changes in blood pressure, causing diseases such as high blood pressure, hit the wind. It should be located 5 minutes for the extremities and the brain to get up out of bed. After waking up is not immediately stood up, but first need to lie in a half-minute bed.
To reduce the damage to the blood.

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