Top 10 fruits you should not eat when hungry
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Fruit is an incredibly rich and diverse food that is rich in nutrition, healthy food that provides a lot of nutrients to the human body. The fruit is a group of foods that are just delicious for health. They provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. With high fiber content, vitamins, they play an important role in keeping your body healthy and most of the fruits are beneficial to the body. Fruits are usually year-round, as the season has the main features, so users are very easy to find the right fruits and favorites. Fruits are good and nutritious, so eat what kind of fruit is the choice of each person, depending on the preference, habit of eating and depending on the economic status of each family. However, it is not always advisable to eat fruit. In order to provide the best results as well as to ensure the best health, we should also know and use the right fruit, in accordance with our time, circumstances and the condition of our bodies. Such as there are fruits that should be eaten in the morning, there are types of fruits that should not be eaten in the evening, there are fruits that can be eaten at the hungry, but there are fruits if you eat at the hungry stomach will cause terrible harm to your health. So to be a good health, you should use all the foods in a proper and scientific manner. Through the article below, Topshare will share you the fruits you should avoid eating when the belly is hungry so as not to adversely affect the health. Let's learn together.


Top 10 fruits you should not eat when hungry

Eating persimmons when hungry will cause stomach stones

Persimmon one of the low-calorie fruits, which contains many nutrients such as calcium and vitamins, including vitamin A and C has many benefits for health. Persimmon is sweet, hard, welded, has a thermostatic effect of the round Apple, the target of sputum, Malacia, the thirst for birth, Sue, treatment, only blood... Help relieve constipation, soreness caused by hemorrhoids or other diseases such as hemorrhage, dry cough, sore throat, high blood pressure. Although Hong has a lot of good use for health, however, this fruit is extremely risky if you use it at the time of the hungry stomach.
Because Persimmon contains quite a lot of tanin and pectin, if eaten at hunger they will agglomerate under the effect of gastric acid. If these agglomerates do not descend to the small intestine through the subject, it will be stored in the stomach and the formation of stones will cause a blockage of the gastrointestinal tract, appearing symptoms such as pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting, even vomiting with blood...


Pears contain raw fiber that can damage the stomach lining if eaten on an empty stomach

Pear is a fairly common fruit with us, is a very good fruit for health, has the ability to fight chronic diseases by providing antioxidants to the body. At the same time, high fiber content in the pear helps to lower cholesterol in the body. According to traditional medicine, le computer is cool, slightly acidic, has a thermogenic effect, a waste, a decrease in sputum, a cough reducer, a fire bar, a blood care, a sacrifice, a profit, a poison.
Although there are many useful uses for health, not at any time of the day you can eat this fruit, especially at the moment of hunger. According to the study of scientists, in the pear containing coarse fiber, the coarse fibers in pear can injure the delicate mucous membrane of an empty stomach. Pear also does not help you no, so most of you should not eat pear at hunger.


Bananas are one of the most nutritious and popular fruits for many people

Bananas are one of the most nutritious and common fruits for many people. Bananas contain high nutritional content, potassium and abundant vitamins, abundant, can make soft chestnuts, bright eyes, full energy, prolong life and other rooms. However, this type of fruit will cause a spike in the amount of magnesium and potassium in the blood, making calcium imbalances if you eat when the abdomen is empty. At the same time cause problems in the intestines and increase the amount of sugar in the morning, making you feel sleepy and depleted of energy after a few hours. Eating bananas when hungry also causes some risk to people with irritable bowel syndrome, causing diarrhea.


Eating pineapple when hungry will damage the stomach and reduce the nutritional component in pineapple

Pineapple is one of the most highly rated fruits in terms of nutrition and popularity, a lot of people fancy, in addition to the effect of the cooling, pineapple also has very good use for human health. Pineapple is rich in vitamin C, low in calories, not fat and bad cholesterol. In addition, this fruit is also a source of abundant calcium, potassium, vitamin A, folate... So pineapple is good for digestion, vision, osteoarthritis,.... However, pineapple is rich in strong enzymes, so eating pineapple at hunger will hurt the stomach and reduce the nutritional component in the pineapple. It is recommended to eat pineapple after meal to absorb the best nutrients that pineapple brings.


Cucumber is a delicacy in our daily menu

Cucumbers are delicious dishes in our daily menu. In addition to the function is nutritious food, the cucumber is known for many beauty uses, is very safe medicines that are effective for humans. Cucumbers contain a lot of vitamin C-a micronutrient that helps your skin bright and healthy, the cucumber also provides water to your body, while supporting weight loss effectively due to the variety of fiber.
Good is that but you should not eat cucumbers when hungry to underwear because eating cucumbers when hungry can cause abdominal pain, heartburn, flatulence and irritability. In particular, people with stomach diseases should not eat cucumbers at hunger because the pain can be aggravated.


Tomatoes contain pectin and phenolic resins

Tomatoes are kind of a budget, appearing in most of every family's feast. Tomatoes are considered as a nutrition plant for health by the content of components of diverse vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, K, vitamin B6, potassium, folate, thiamin, magnesium, niacin, copper and phosphorus, are the microbe necessary to maintain a good health. The more amazing thing in tomatoes is that they contain very little cholesterol, saturated fat, sodium and calories.
Tomatoes are rich in nutrition but if eaten during hunger will be very dangerous. In tomatoes contains many of the pectin and phenolic resin substances. When eating tomatoes at hungry moments, these substances can react with acid, which greatly affects the stomach, causing the gastric pressure to rise, causing an acute gastric dilation, causing you to feel flatulence, vomiting, abdominal pain.

Litchi fruit

Eating lychee when you are hungry can have low blood sug

Litchi fruit is the leading fruit that improves cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, enhances libido, strengthens the immune system,... Litchi fruit is a popular fruit, especially in summer. Fabrics rich in vitamins and nutrients good for health such as vitamins A, B, C, copper, folate, magnesium... Litchi fruit is very much loved and often mistakenly believes that it can be eaten comfortably, but this is not the fruit you should use when you are hungry.
Eating Litchi fruit when hunger can be hypoglycemia, ie reducing the amount of glucose needed in the blood. Litchi fruit is sweet, in the fabric of many sugars, so this fruit will not cause a blood sugar lag. However, medical professionals have said that it is not possible to eat a lot of sugar when hunger is not to fall. Fresh Litchi fruit eat when hunger will cause the body to load too much sugar in a short period of time can cause intoxicating with the symptoms of eye flowers, dizziness, nausea, your hands-on limbs,...

Oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons

Oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons are all fruits that contain many essential nutrients for the body

Oranges, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, are all fruits which contain many essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, folic acid good for the skin, bones, increased heart health, muscles and digestive system.
Even so, you should not eat these fruits at hungry moments to avoid harm to health. Because of citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemon contains many fruit acids, stimulate esophagitis and gastric mucosa if eaten when empty abdomen. That leads to nausea, belching, irritability. In addition, they also contain a lot of crude fiber and fructose, which can slow the digestion process.


The sour taste of mango will irritate the stomach and increase gastric juice and the risk of intestinal diseases

Mango is the most delicious fruits that are very familiar to us. Not only delicious, sweet, mango-rich protein, fiber, vitamin C, A, folic acid..., brings many benefits to health. Many studies have demonstrated that Mango has the potential to reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, boost energy, improve memory, cancer prevention...
However, if you eat mangoes during the hungry stomach, either ripe mango or green mango is harmful to your health. The sour taste of the mango will irritated the stomach to increase the epidemic and the risk of intestinal disease. Moreover, it is easy to lead to the risk of intoxicating, temporary intoxication when used at hunger.


Jackfruit is a familiar fruit in summer, is popular with many people

Jackfruit is the most popular fruits in summer, favored by many. It contains A lot of vitamins A, C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and many other nutrients that are very beneficial for health. Eating a regular dosage with a moderate dose enhances the immune system, combating cancer, maintaining the beauty of the skin...
However, it is not suitable for those who are hot in, people who often suffer from pimples, chrome, especially on the stomach. Because of the high sugar content, eating hunger will cause increased blood glucose levels to suddenly cause the symptoms of eye flowers, dizziness, bloating, dyspepsia. Only eat from 1-2 hours after eating rice.

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