Top 10 ways to prevent drunkenness the most practical
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748/5000 As a rule of everyday life, parties, entertainment, New Year holidays are inseparable from alcohol, and people often get drunk afterwards, which not only harms their health but also can cause serious accident. Therefore, attention should be paid to adjusting the drinking, or if it is absolutely necessary to drink alcohol, in order to avoid accidents or suffer from unwanted diseases, to learn methods. to avoid getting drunk? Here are ten of the most practical methods of preventing drunkenness and alcohol: Control the rhythm and drink plenty of water when drinking alcohol, grapes, watermelon, drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits after drinking alcohol, pickled lotus root. , exercise, eat before drinking wine, bananas, galangal, tomatoes.

Control your rhythm and drink plenty of water when drinking alcohol

Top 10 ways to prevent drunkenness the most practical

Drink a lot of water

After drinking 3 glasses, there is no need to continue drinking too much, especially when being offered a drink, in a short time of consuming too much alcohol will be very easy to fall into drunkenness. Ideally, after drinking a glass of wine, drinking a glass of water can not only dilute the alcohol, but also speed up your metabolism. Also, remember not to use beer, carbonated drinks or a variety of wines.



Grapes are rich in tartaric acid, combined with ethanol in alcohol to provide an alcohol-reducing effect. If you eat grapes before drinking, you can prevent drunkenness.


watermelon juice

Watermelon can clear heat away from the fire, can accelerate the process of alcohol elimination, avoid being absorbed by the body and cause body heat. Adding a small amount of salt when drinking also helps stabilize emotions.

Drink plenty of water and eat a lot of fruit after drinking alcohol

Eat more fruits after drinking alcohol

After drinking alcohol, the human body will consume a lot of water to metabolize alcohol, so you need to drink plenty of water and eat a lot of fruit to add water. If you still feel drunk after drinking, foot massage will also have a certain effect, you can also drink some tapioca roots, or buy drinks to drink alcohol-based components of cassava roots.

Pickled lotus root

Lotus root juice

The first practice is to peel the lotus root, then put them in the vinegar, shake the vinegar twice a day, then let the fish out and a few days later can use. Every time you drink alcohol, you eat a little lotus root pickled in vinegar to dissolve the wine. However, this method is a bit long. In everyday life, if you're drunk, there's a simpler way to do it. That is, first do not peel the lotus root, squeeze the lotus root into juice, use this juice to boil water in a ratio of 1: 1, drink two small cups.

Do gentle exercises

Increase alcohol excretion by sweating

After drinking alcohol, if your consciousness is clear and alert, you should choose to go fast, do housework and other gentle exercises to make yourself move, and increase alcohol output by sweating. . You cannot sleep right after drinking alcohol. Alcoholic sleep not only makes you unable to rest, but it is also easy to harm your body.

Eat before drinking

Eat something before drinking

Be sure to eat before drinking alcohol, no matter what you eat, use foods to delay absorption of alcohol in the digestive tract and delay metabolic time.



Eating some bananas after drinking alcohol can increase blood sugar levels, reduce the rate of alcohol in the blood and bring about the effect of alcohol reduction. At the same time, it can also eliminate symptoms like a fast heartbeat and chest tightness.

Galangal root

Galangal root

Galangal root can treat colds and pain and alleviate alcohol, warm stomach and awake alcohol.


Tomato juice

Eating raw or drinking tomato juice, juice brings higher efficiency. Because tomatoes contain special fructose ingredients that speed up the resolution and absorption of alcohol, so you can drink 300 ml of tomato juice at the same time, you can quickly get rid of dizziness after drinking. and sober.

In fact, after getting drunk, the most effective and practical way to get rid of alcohol is to drink water.

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