No cases of vaccine-associated blood clots reported in Vietnam
thamnguyen99 20-04-2021, 15:31
In Vietnam, nearly 80,000 people in 22 provinces and cities have so far been injected with Covid-19 vaccine; there have been no cases of blood clotting disorders. The Minister of Health has just decided to establish the Steering Committee for the safety of people after Covid-19 immunization comprising of leaders of the Ministry of Health, leaders of relevant departments including departments under the Ministry of Health, leading experts in the fields of immunization, infectiousness, emergency resuscitation, active resuscitation, hematology, cardiology, neurology who will screen and treat people suffering allergic reactions happening within 4 hours of getting vaccinated.
According to the Ministry of Health, treatment of unusual vaccine-associated blood clots after Covid-19 vaccination is the same as normal coagulation disorders. At present, the Covid-19 vaccination groups of scientists and medical workers have outlined the treatment approaches for blood clots with low platelets after vaccination. Assoc. Prof. Dr Dao Xuan Co, Deputy Director of Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital, General Secretary of the Vietnam National Association of Emergency, Intensive Care medicine and Clinical Toxicology, said treatment of coagulation disorder after vaccination against Covid-19, an extremely rare reaction, is like common blood clotting disorders. The Ministry of Health has deployed the remote medical examination and treatment system (Telehealth) to 1,500 locations in 63 provinces and cities nationwide; therefore, leading experts can instruct grass-root medical facilities to cure people suffering from the disorder.

By Thanh An - Translated by Dan Thuy