Long An ‘revives’ industrial park project
duonghanhnguyen 31-07-2020, 22:36
2 industrial parks revived

Mr. Nguyen Anh Viet, Deputy Director of Long An Department of Planning and Investment, said that according to the development planning of industrial parks (IZs) to 2020 approved by the Prime Minister, Long An province has 32 industrial parks with an area of over 11,500 hectares. However, only 16 IPs have been put into operation with a total area of less than 3,900 ha. The rest has not been implemented, or the investment is in progress, behind schedule

However, in the last few months, there have been 2 areas being revived, namely Viet Phat Industrial Zone and An Nhut Tan Industrial Park, thanks to drastic moves to speed up the implementation of local authorities.

Long An ‘revives’ industrial park project

Viet Phat IZ has completed site clearance, ready to meet all demands of investors.

Talking to reporters of the Vietnam Investment Review at the groundbreaking ceremony of Viet Phat Industrial Park recently, Mr. Le Thanh, Chairman and General Director of Tan Thanh Long An said: “This project has a total area of 1,800 ha has been completed successful clearance, ready to meet all needs of investors.

Meanwhile, An Nhut Tan Industrial Park Project was started construction in June 2020. This project is located in Tan Binh commune, Tan Tru district, with an area of 119 hectares, invested by An Nhut Tan Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 1,360 billion dong.

According to the investor, this is a new type of industrial park and urban project in the direction of green, clean and sustainable, expected to create a driving force for socio-economic development of Long An province, as well as contribute to the forefront ” wave ”shifts global supply chains.

By functional sector, the main cause of slow progress in industrial park projects is the difficulty in site clearance; Some investors have weak financial capacity, but the responsibility is not high in project implementation

“In the coming time, the Department will continue to advise the provincial People’s Committee and actively coordinate with relevant departments, branches and localities to intensify the review and classification so as to have a solution for each specific project”, Mr. Viet said.

Troubleshooting projects that are slow to deploy

According to functional departments of Long An province, there are currently 4 industrial parks not yet in operation, each area has its own difficulties and problems. These issues have been summarized and submitted to the provincial authorities for consideration and support.

“Functional departments will enhance meetings and dialogues with businesses and investors to solve difficulties and problems under the authority of the province.”

Specifically, a problem in Nam Thuan Industrial Zone (an area of more than 308 hectares) is that some households have not received compensation money, have not handed over land to investors for construction. With this project, the province focused on reviewing and adjusting the rate and scope of boundary cut; expeditiously prepare and submit for approval the plan of land price for compensation, support and resettlement as a basis for implementation

With Thu Thua Industrial Park (with an area of over 188 hectares), problems in compensation and site clearance. The investor is planning to start construction. Therefore, the province focuses on reviewing and arranging resettlement for people whose land is recovered; continue to mobilize people to abide by the State’s guidelines and policies on compensation, support and resettlement to hand over the premises to investors.

Huu Thanh Industrial Zone (with an area of over 524 ha) is also entangled in compensation and site clearance. The province requires the investor to urgently review the measurement, distraint, tallying or being absent from the owner; focusing on settling compensation, support and resettlement according to the approved plan, in which prioritizing the completion of resettlement areas to arrange for people whose land is recovered.

With Tan Phu Industrial Park project (more than 105 ha in phase I), the biggest obstacle is the access road to the small area, so it is difficult to meet the needs of goods transport and transportation of businesses when the project comes into operation. . Therefore, the province focuses on supporting investors to invest in constructing roads into the industrial park.

For projects that are carrying out land procedures, actively support investors in implementing the procedures; For projects that are delayed in implementation due to subjective reasons of investors, they will review the legal bases, conduct project inspection, examination and handling according to the provisions of law, including the project acquisition, land acquisition.

“The functional industry will enhance meetings and dialogues with businesses and investors to solve difficulties and problems under the authority of the province. For problems and mechanisms under the authority of the Central, they should promptly report them to them for guidance and solutions ”, Mr. Viet said.

Source: ndh.vn