The Government urged the project on expanding and upgrading Dien Bien airport
daitranvan 30-07-2020, 23:49

The Government Office has just announced the Conclusion of Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung at a meeting on the implementation of upgrading and expanding Dien Bien airport (Dien Bien airport). Accordingly, Dien Bien airport is planned to be 2030 with a 3C scale, with a capacity of 2 million passengers / year. However, in recent years the number of passengers has decreased.

One of the reasons is that the infrastructure of Dien Bien airport has not been properly invested; Short runway status should only be able to operate ATR-72 aircraft and the like.

The Government urged the project on expanding and upgrading Dien Bien airport

The project of expansion and upgrading of Dien Bien Airport plays an extremely important role.

Therefore, it is essential to upgrade the airport to meet the requirements of ensuring national defense – security, exploiting the potential and advantages of Dien Bien in terms of land, developing tourism, manufacturing and processing industrial variables, agriculture, forestry.

Previously, at the Government Office’s Notice No. 274 on August 22, 2019, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Transport to preside over and coordinate with Dien Bien Provincial People’s Committee and State Capital Management Committee at enterprises submit documents to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision to assign Vietnam Airport Corporation (ACV) to invest, clarifying advantages, difficulties and implementation plan.

The Deputy Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Transport to urgently clarify the opinions of the State Capital Management Committee at the enterprise, the legal basis for ACV’s allocation of flight zones (for example, the investment The new runway does not affect the public properties of the existing flight zone, the current law does not prohibit enterprises from investing in new airports ), at the same time, it is necessary to calculate the efficiency of investment and full exploitation system of airports managed by ACV.

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister also asked ACV to calculate and give official comments to the Ministry of Transport and the State Capital Management Committee at the enterprise on the capacity of investing in Dien Bien airport. The Ministry of Transport shall carry out the above-mentioned task and report to the Prime Minister before August 15.

After the Ministry of Transport has commented on the above contents, the People’s Committee of Dien Bien province, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and relevant agencies will carry out the order of preparation, appraisal and submission to the Prime Minister for decision. Project investment opening in accordance with the law.