Sam Son is about to have another FLC eco-urban area of 117 hectares
sonnguyen 28-07-2020, 23:33

Tourism complex of FLC Sam Son. Photo: Song Ngoc.

The People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa province has just sent a dispatch on detailed planning for construction of ecological urban area, tourist area along Ma river, Sam Son city.

Accordingly, the province assigned the Department of Construction based on the current provisions of the law to guide FLC to complete the detailed planning file for the construction of the above urban area.

At the same time, deploy or advise the implementation of the subsequent work contents in accordance with the prescribed order and procedures before submitting them to competent authorities for appraisal and approval.

Leaders of this province also asked the Department of Construction not to submit documents that did not meet the prescribed order and procedures; It is not consistent with the current standards and standards and is not under the authority of the Provincial People’s Committee and the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee.

According to research, Eco-urban area and tourist area along Ma river has a total planning area of about 117.37 ha, a population of about 5,000-6,000 people.

The nature of the project is a high-class eco-tourism area serving the Northeastern resorts and resorts in Sam Son City; tourist area, entertainment center, food, community activities with coastal space; Sam Son urban area for tourism in four seasons.

The planning area includes the following functions: residential area including existing residential area, resettlement residential area and new residential area together with a system of social infrastructure and synchronous technical infrastructure in service of the population; public center – trade and service.

Previously, in August 2018, Sam Son City People’s Committee and FLC Group Joint Stock Company held a conference to consult agencies, organizations and communities about the tasks and blueprint for detailed planning of the Urban Area, urban area along Ma River (in Quang Cu ward, Sam Son city).

Next, in June 2019, Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee issued a Decision approving the detailed planning task of 1/500 of the above project. The unit assigned to organize the preparation and submission for detailed planning of 1/500 project is FLC Group.

Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee requests FLC to identify and evaluate the potential of the planning area with the advantage of adjoining Thanh Nien road, Ma river, FLC Samson Golflinks and FLC Sam Son eco-urban tourist area.

Besides, the plan must analyze the linkage with the centers of Sam Son City, Thanh Hoa City,