Hung Yen approved the 1/500 plan of the 36-hectare residential area in Hoa Phat’s Industrial Park
tranthuy02 4-11-2020, 23:24

The People’s Committee of Hung Yen province has just approved the 1/500 Plan of housing for low-income people in Yen My II industrial park (IZ).

The land for research and planning is under the management of Trung Hoa commune and Yen My town, Yen My district. The Northeast borders on DT.376 and the residential area of Anh Khoa. The Southeast borders on Yen My II Industrial Park. The Northwest borders on Highway 39A and existing manufacturing projects. The Southwest borders Yen My II industrial park and existing production projects.

The goal of the project is to invest in the construction of housing for workers, to meet the housing needs of workers in industrial zones, synchronize technical infrastructure with Yen My II Industrial Park.

The population size is forecasted at 11500 people. Total area of study for planning 1/500 is about 36 ha, of which land for planning of housing is 29.4 ha; the land for transport corridor is 1.6 ha and the land for other purposes is 5 ha.

Regarding the functional zoning plan, the land for construction of social houses is planned as high-rise building blocks distributed over the entire land area, meeting the needs of workers’ houses, social housing in the area; the apartment building is arranged with a reasonable setback space; adjoining commercial housing land is arranged along internal roads; Green park area focuses on the center of the land

The planning organization is Hoa Phat Hung Yen Industrial Park Infrastructure Development Company Limited.

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