Homerunpet Launches New Game-Changing Pet Drying Product to U.S. Market, A Compelling Solution to Settle Long-Lasting Drying Pains
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The sensational device enables professional pet drying at home to make life easier for pet owners. With profound success gained in Asia, the brand is thrilled to enter the U.S. market.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Homerunpet, a pioneer brand in smart pet care, is excited to announce the launch of its newest product to the U.S. market, Drybo Plus. Drybo Plus is a safe and innovative smart pet dryer.

Homerunpet Launches New Game-Changing Pet Drying Product to U.S. Market, A Compelling Solution to Settle Long-Lasting Drying Pains

Drybo Plus as the Ultimate Solution to the Long-Lasting Pet Drying Pains

The Drybo Plus Automatic Cabin Pet Dryer offers professional-grade drying from the comfort of the pet's home, providing a comfy, quick, safe, and hassle-free drying experience without the hassle of transporting the pet to the groomer for drying - and dealing with the stress and anxiety that brings.

"Pets are resistant to traditional pet hair dryers due to loud noise, lengthy drying, uneven heating, etc.," said Homerunpet CEO and pet parent Frank Liu. "Pet parents, on the other hand, often suffer from scattered pet hair and heavy-duty cleaning after bathing, driving them physically and mentally exhausted. Homerunpet is born from the original intention and persistence to create sophisticated pet care products with fine designs, which has inspired the concept of Drybo Plus, an automatic cabin dryer designed to fully settle the long-lasting drying pains of pet parents and improve the overall bathing and drying experience."

Other groundbreaking features of the compact and sleek Drybo Plus that are changing the lives of pet parents everywhere, include:

  • Efficient ventilation with hundreds of venting holes designed to ensure sufficient air exchange.
  • Omnidirectional air flows from the bottom to effectively cover any hard-to-reach areas, creating the ultimate pet drying solution.
  • Dedicated to safety with 10-time detection per second to ensure safety from a physical and electrical standpoint.
  • Cozy pet bed allows your furry friend to enjoy the summer breeze and winter warmth in one delicate pet abode.
  • Pet hair resumes fluffy and sleek with 3 million negative ions released throughout drying, resembling professional drying service
  • Operating at 40dB in a gentler Cozy Dry mode, and ≤ 60 dB in a Fast Dry Mode, suitable for most pets to create a peaceful environment.
  • No circuit in the bottom, and a detachable bottom plate makes daily maintenance a breeze. Hair shedding is no longer an issue with automatic collection.

Drybo Plus has reached sensation status with pet-keeping families worldwide.

Homerunpet has already amassed a massive following in the Asian market and is thrilled to bring its cutting-edge pet products to the U.S. market. The gadget has already surpassed several crucial milestones, including exceeding $1.5 million in global crowdfunding and exceeding global sales of 200,000, ranking the gadget number one in its category across all platforms.

To purchase Drybo Plus on Amazon, click here.

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About Homerunpet

Founded in 2015, Homerunpet has become a leading brand of smart pet supplies by bringing together outstanding talents with extensive R&D experience in Precision Medical Devices, which has laid a solid technical foundation for the company. With 86 patents obtained worldwide, Homerunpet has established itself with a reputable leading edge in the industry. Apart from technical strength, we are a group of pet lovers with many years of pet-keeping experience. In this sense, we are always dedicated to designing the best pet products and disrupting the pet industry so as to help pet parents nurture a simple, fun, and loving companion to their pet pals.

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