Venustas Heated Apparel Announces the Release of First New Arrival This Year
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SHENZHEN,China, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Venustas Heated Apparel is excited to announce the launch of new colors for its classic unisex heated jacket to brighten and warm this winter.

"Last year, we launched the unisex heated jacket with heating areas control button, which made a hit in the market. That leads us to approach success. To keep ahead in fierce competition, we upgrade this best seller to make it better than ever before," Venustas CEO Michael Said.

This new arrival makes a difference in color design. When it comes to heated apparel, the color is always monotonous, like black and grey. To provide more options to customers, Venustas Team designs it with two bright colors: green and yellow. The color green is an ideal option for outdoorsmen, and the yellow one is a perfect pick for stylish women. Starting with simple design ideas, Venustas hopes these two colors not only highlight a good outlook but also enhance the brightness in cold winter.

Venustas describes this heated jacket for unisex as a combination of comfort, warmth, and style.

Comfort is always around the heated jacket. Dual control button allows users to heat specific areas, like the back or front body only. Water and wind-resistant fabric enables users to embrace freedom on rainy or snowy days. Adjustable heating setting provides users with a comfortable temperature to withstand the cold. Multiple pockets design is convenient to store small items. Also, this unisex heated jacket is machine-washable, keeping it easy to care.

Heating elements and battery are the key to warmth. Cover 6 graphene heating elements, the unisex heated jacket guarantees extraordinary warmth across the core body areas including the back, chest, collar, and pockets. An upgraded 7.4V battery with a life of up to 10 hours can support all-night warmth, without needing to worry about the cold issue in camping or hiking.

Style is what Venustas want to combine with warmth. Except for the bright color options, the detachable hood design makes the users look more stylish. Besides that, the adjustable hood can be regarded as protection for the head and ears in case of blowing wind or rain.

This new arrival conveys the idea that Venustas is customer-oriented. No matter in the past or future, Venustas Heated Apparel is consistent in its mission and vision to offer good service and products to customers. To express gratitude to the old customers and say hello to the new customers, Venustas Deal is available on Amazon.

About Venustas Heated Apparel:

Venustas, as a young and lively heated apparel brand, has successfully occupied the market with unremitting efforts. As Venustas believes that "Live without limits", what Venustas want to do is to develop products without limits and cover warmth to everyone. With 10,000 happy customers, Venustas is on the way to a better future. For more information, visit: Follow Venustas on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

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