SpaceSpeakers Officially Debuts 2 Exclusive Artists with Music Video "Luat Rung"
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Luat Rung marks the debut of 16 Typh & Gonzo after signing a 5-year contract with SpaceSpeakers Label. 

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- "Luat Rung" is officially released on August 4th, available on all music platforms. This music video is bringing back Binz, Rhymastic, 16 Typh, GONZO, & TINLE. This is a "greeting" music product of 16 Typh & GONZO after joining SpaceSpeakers Label. Meanwhile, Binz & Rhymastic contribute their voices to support their two brothers, producer TINLE is in charge of producing music.

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SpaceSpeakers Officially Debuts 2 Exclusive Artists with Music Video "Luat Rung"

SpaceSpeakers Officially Debuts 2 Exclusive Artists with Music Video “Luat Rung”

Binz begins with some "bangin" bars: "One shot haters got shoot with em' short rhymes / Don't act innocent or you gon' be on target / Move careful em' venom is around / They aint hunt cause em' hyenas only bite." It's been a long time since Binz has returned to this color with "bangin'" lyricals.

Rookie of SpaceSpeakers Label - 16 Typh with his transition rap verse pushes the rap to a new spirit with his signature fast flow and triplet flow. Sending em' words to haters: "levellin up, they doubted & hate / when all I did was sway & love / Fair play 3 sides prove it all/ Give up thought never in my soul."

The boom bap beat in GONZO's verse changes "Luat Rung" to a completely different "mood". It's the rare old school vibe that still exist & respected in Viet Hiphop. GONZO is bringing his uniqueness in flow & lyrical seen in his past hit - "Thay Nam", but this time with a more "bangin" lyrics that had never seen before.

Music Video "Luat Rung" is made by director Kien Ung. While Binz & Rhymastic show up "cool" in the scene filled with money & supercars, 16 Typh & GONZO play roles as mechanics.

Most of the time in the MV focuses on 16 Typh and GONZO. At the end of the MV, Touliver, SOOBIN, TINLE and Kien Ung suddenly appeared, joining with Binz, Rhymastic, 16 Typh and GONZO to create the most expensive scene of the MV "Luat Rung". It was the moment when the OGs meet up, welcome their rookies - 16 Typh & Gonzo to SpaceSpeakers Label.

Also during the promotion of the MV "Luat Rung", 2 rappers 16 Typh and GONZO joined SpaceSpeakers Label was officially confirmed by the company's representative in front of the media. Accordingly, 16 Typh and GONZO are the first 2 exclusive artists of SpaceSpeakers Label - the sub-label of one of the world's largest record labels from the United States. SpaceSpeakers Label is positioned as a professional rap/hip hop record label operated according to international standards, under the SpaceSpeakers Group.

With the joining of SpaceSpeakers Label, 16 Typh and GONZO officially entered the professional music path, with the direction and support of the leading music empire of the current Viet hiphop. 

At Rap Viet season 1, 16 Typh and GONZO are two prominent faces, going deep in the final rounds and making their mark with many hits such as: Nguoi Ay La Ai, Thay Nam... Before Rap Viet, 16 Typh is a rapper of the 16 Northside team and is active in both Northside and Southside Hiphop scene. The male rapper owns many hits, such as Don't Waste My Time, Walk On Da Street, Quan Diem, Pray. Meanwhile, GONZO plays the role of the leader, the "soul" of Rapital team, maintaining a famous position in the Vietnamese rap/hip hop world to the present. In the Rapital team, "Thay Nam" is considered as the senior of MCK, Orijinn and many young rappers in the capital.

As president of SpaceSpeakers Group, Touliver shared: "When I met and worked with 16 Typh and GONZO, I found these two potential rappers that had many uniqueness in the community at that time. In particular, I also see images of SpaceSpeakers members 10 years ago in 16 Typh and GONZO themselves. Therefore, my company and I decided to have 16 Typh and GONZO as a part of the team and embark on training and orienting them to develop their own musics, thereby following in the footsteps of SpaceSpeakers in the rap/hip hop community".

SpaceSpeakers Label (SSL) is a record label specializing in music production, distribution, and professional artist management, under the SpaceSpeakers Group (SSG). Currently, SSL has been managing and releasing music for all artists under the company; as well as being a co-producer and publisher of music for other talented artists in the industry, even though they are not SSL exclusive artists.

Sharing about this milestone, Mr. Jason Dang, CEO of SpaceSpeakers Label said: "We spent many years researching the Vietnamese music industry as well as setting our ambition to bring Vietnamese music closer to international listeners. SpaceSpeakers Label was born with a mission to find and launch young talents to be closer to the audiences, thereby shining in the Vietnamese market and reaching out to the world."

"SpaceSpeakers Label spent 2 years training 2 artists in many aspects: expertise, performance, and soft skills needed to become professional artists. With more than 10 years of experience from senior artists and the company's existing resources, we aim to make 16 Typh and GONZO become two iconic rappers, representing the next generation of SpaceSpeakers.".

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